Thursday, August 30, 2007

Feeling deserted....

That's how you all (like there are readers!) should feel.
I recently discovered that John's been blogging on Myspcace. Ya, that's right. He's deserted us.

Perhaps he feels more connected to the myspace crowd! Geez, I hope not!! What would we do without his bunny posts and his babbling about sports?!

I am feeling a bit deserted too. He's off drinking and enjoying football talk while I am left here with a leaking freezer. Yes, the freezer is leaking. Well, actually, it's slowly dripping and has to be kept shut with duct tape. Football season is upon us and so are nights of John obsessively checking stats on the internet. Welcome to the glamorous life of newleyweds!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Moving on.....

Okay, John nor I are great at this blogging thing...but guess what? I started another one!

Well, I figure that John's LHS crew don't need to read my thoughts on cooking or home decorating. I guess that'll be saved for (heatherb) since she's the most likely to "stop in".

So....for girl-related talk....see me at

In the meantime, I've gotta go pack. We are headed to Catalina for a end-of-summer break!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Let them eat cake....really good chocolate cake!

We attended a wedding and reception on Saturday. John's high school friend and taunting buddy, Peter, married Lillian. Pete and Lillian dated for almost as long as we did. Too long! We both remember the first sighting of Lillian. Pete dragged her along to Magic Mountain. Obviously it was early in my relationship w/ I'd say no-go to MM! They can have those silly rides. Lillian was nothing like me. She was fearless and could hang w/the boys! I don't remember much from that first encounter. Now I can say that I am so happy that she's a permanant fixture in Peter's life...since Peter seems to be a permanant fixture in John's life!

The wedding: Wow!! It was the first wedding I attended since our nuptials. Apples and oranges....our two weddings! Their chosen venue overlooked the Pacific Ocean. It was at a private beach club and it was exclusive! We arrived and were handed champagne. We sat and watched the ocean and listened to mostly orchestral versions of Queen songs (nice tribute to the groom!). The first sight of Lillian took my breath away. She was stunning in her ivory gown and cathedral length veil. She slowly walked down a stairway from the upstairs rooms. It really was the most beautiful entrance of a bride that I've seen! Here's a not-so-close pic:

The flowers were gorgeous. All in shades of red ranging from deep red dhalias to bright pinkish red hydrangeas. Beautiful and so tasteful.

The evening was so wonderful. We were excited to see two favorite couples: Raffi and Tamar, and new parents, Scott and Cyndi. We gabbed and danced and ate (amazing Mrs. Beasley's chocolate cake!) all night.

John continues to have a close relationship with his high school classmates. It reminds me so much of my Linden gal pals. If we lived closer, we'd probably throw jabs just like the Loyola bunch. For good measure, here's a pic of the guys...

The climax of the evening was a fireworks show! Yes....fireworks for the wedding. Truly spectacular and a treat for all of the guests. So much fun!
We've placed bets on the next wedding that we'll attend....I don't think it'll be soon but we've got great memories from this one to hold us over!