Saturday, March 15, 2014

Relaxing in the Leaves

My hard workers also need to relax as well.  A little play and a little relaxation works well.  They didn't make leaf angels in this video but it is exceptionally cute.

Excellent Help

There's nothing like having good help and here's a good example of it.  Mary Jane and Betsy Jo helped their daddy rake leaves earlier in the week.  True, their purpose was self-serving: they wanted to jump up and down into the pile of leaves.  But they and Daddy all busted out their leaf utensils and worked hard for a few minutes before giving into the temptation of flopping into a pile of leaves or jumping up and down in them like they were muddy puddles.

Dog walker and mothers in strollers all just had to smile.  There's nothing like the pure unmitigated joy in watching two girls frolic in a pile of leaves.  And this being Los Angeles in March... who knows when those leaves will return for another stomping.

Eye See You!

I also like the crepuscular rays of the sun over parts of her face.  It makes Betsy quite radiant.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another Sunday

Nothing like a perfect Sunday for weather.  Yes, that whole change of time thing can be bothersome... luckily for the children, they didn't know the difference.

In this picture, the girls learn that what goes up must come down.  They love the toy crocodile.

 Here little Jack is relaxing on the smooth carpet at the Well Baby Center.  Almost no one showed up for class today -- must have been the change of time blues -- but all three of our children were there.  Jack was actually quite transfixed by the music.  Betsy Jo and Mary Jane know the songs well enough to... well, ignore them at times.  But for Jack it was one big noise fest for him.
 Betsy Jo and Jack are hanging out on the couch together in the early afternoon.  Betsy had just previously said that she didn't need a nap.  Well, I think I could state that she needs one... but Jack didn't mind her being there.  He absolutely loves it when she comes over and calls him "Goo-Goo."
Here is a better family pic of the three.  Everyone look at the camera and smile!  Happy Sunday for all... especially that they know Mommy will be back tomorrow.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fun with Leaves

There's nothing quite like jumping about in the fallen leaves.  Yes, this is California so this isn't October but rather early March as the only reason the old leaves are falling off the trees is due to the new leaves are coming in.  Mary Jane thinks about going snow angel but instead makes a bed of leaves.

Some day Baby Jack will look forward to it as well.  He's off screen on a blue blanket watching all the madness.

Too Cool for School

Some Saturdays you just want to sit around in your shades.  I'm not sure if Mary Jane is signing any autographs today.  But if you're willing to blow bubbles in the back yard, she may be willing to follow you.