Sunday, May 22, 2011


Poor little Mary Jane was locked up with Root Beer Float. Why? Supposedly the cute little 5 month old girl was drooling too much. Conversely, Root Beer Float was penned up due to eating too many of Mister John's flowers in the back yard. They both claimed innocence but were locked up anyway.

Somewhere in the back yard Cherry Bugg is smiling...

Another Example of Cherry Bugg's Vote

She wears her sticker with pride. God bless America. God bless Cherry Bugg.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miss Jill and Cherry Bugg Go to Vote

Miss Jill was about to go vote tonight for the open congressional seat vacated by Jane Harman and then Cherry Bugg decided to tag along. For some reason Cherry Bugg -- a natural rival of Princess Jane, a wonderful grey rabbit who passed away 18 months ago -- thought this was a recall vote of her own failed attempt to win the backyard animal vote of 2008. That vote was ultimately a split contest between Princess Jane and Cherry Bugg but really everyone knew that Jane was in charge.

Anyway, Cherry Bugg has hopped along with Miss Jill in Gidget, the ever-wonderful Volvo 240 wagon. I'm sure they'll be quite safe as rabbits love to ride in cars. Princess Jane was a great fan of riding in Mister John's old Mustang.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Afternoon with the Bunnies and Mary Jane

Nothing quite like sitting around the back yard with a camera awaiting to see what will happen next. In this wonderful one minute shot, Mary Jane sits idly by while the bunnies all chase each other. Yes, rabbit dominance at work at Chez Erb.

Cherry Bugg, Phillip, and Chip all chase each other about in this brief clip. But of course poor Chip is the one all the rabbits like chasing. Not to worry, poor Chipster, Mary Jane will be crawling and walking soon enough which means one thing: she gets to chase the rabbits too! Talk about carving out a new pecking order. Now there is one more human being the bunnies will have to respect.

Mary Jane enjoys flopping about on the blankets in the backyard. She can lie on her back and stare at the blue sky or flip to her belly and keep an eye on the constant rabbit interaction. And Mister John can sit there with a camera and watch all the activity.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm Coming to Get You!

With a yellow headband on as well. No drooling... just a fierce attack of one inch per 5 minutes. I'll get there almost as quickly as Aunt Pat's pet turtle Yoshi.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Panda Attack!

Paul the Panda attacked Mary Jane a few days back as he was looking for some bamboo to munch on. Alas, he found none but Mary Jane was stunned to find him there. Paul is a fairly polite panda and he moved on after discovering she lacked the bamboo he needed.