Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Possible Joint Sharing of Rabbit Power

Alas, no definitive decision has been made regarding the controversial tie in the Bunny Election in November. Princess Jane and Cherry Bugg reached a tie in your overall voting which makes things even more confusing than your typical Minnesota re-count, Alaskan senatorial trial, or even your Illinois gubernatorial shakedown. Both sides have not resigned themselves to any sort of lower position for backyard rule. Jane still clings to her mantra of "Divine Right of Rabbits" while Cherry Bugg still clamors for "Change You Can Hop For."

As the stalemate drags into the New Year, this also affects the magistrates of the neighboring edifice. Mister John and Miss Jill cannot understand why both parties cannot compromise in any detail. Both parties claim that the two humans are either supporting or hindering their positions. Cherry Bugg claims that she never receives apple sauce when she is inside while Princess Jane claims not to have her cage and never gets to sleep on the same bad as Miss Jill and Mister John at night. (Miss Jill and Mister John could not be reached for comment about either accusation.)

Currently the edifice merely hosts "lesser" dignitaries such as Ruby Jane and Root Beer Float. The ever-hungry Root Beer Float currently is sitting in the den cage eating every last pellet in the food bowl; conversely, Ruby Jane camouflages herself behind the brown curtain and rests patiently on the grey tile floor. Neither of them have any comment. Personally, I think they are both anarchists who want neither candidate to succeed and leave all the carrots, grass, and hay to them.

Ironically, Root Beer Float wishes everyone a Happy New Ear!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thumpmas for the Rabbits

The bunnies are quite pleased as it that time of year again, the celebration of Thumpmas when the bunnies thumped at the Maji for presenting such crappy gifts.  They wanted carrots, lettuce, and hay.  Guess those wise men weren't so wise, were they?

Princess Jane wants a larger tiara this year.  Phillip wants more dance music CDs.  Cherry Bugg would like a getaway vacation.  Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane both would like a buffet filled with bananas, dead leaves, and dictionaries (go figure).

Have a hoppy Thumpmas Day everyone!