Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day? No, It's Hop Day!

By official decree of Princess Jane, February 29 is now Hop Day. That is all.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Battle of Large Carrot

This is a rare picture of Root Beer Float (left) and Ruby Jane (right) sharing a carrot. Typically they will wrestle the carrot away from the other and vainly attempt to hide their newfound loot. Of course the other follows in immediate pursuit and then grabs the carrot back. Oh, the reciprocity of such hungry buns!!!
Currently they are running amuck in the rain not knowing any better.
The best rain anecdote is of dear Miss Bugg who thumped when rain fell on her. She was so despondent and frustrated with the situation that she kept thumping at the rain, wanting it to go away. Silly rabbit.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alleged voter fraud denied on both sides

Both Cherry Bugg and Princess Jane have officially denounced all reports regarding voter fraud regarding the election for Dewey Rabbit in 2008. However, other rabbits have voiced their displeasure. Root Beer Float was quoted as saying, "Achoo!" to all allegations of voter fraud. Meanwhile a "Papa Bugg" insisted that he was told that would get "smokes" if he voted and he still has not received them yet. Commute Bunny sang it all off as some sort of ruse to get her from karaoke this weekend. No word yet from Prince Phillip; he is still rearranging the furniture.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Voter Fraud in Tuesday's Rabbit Elections?

Controversy racked the back yard on Dewey Street this week when it was alledged that there might have been voter fraud regarding the Jane/Cherry Bugg contest for rabbit supremacy. Officially the tally came out in favor of Jane: 8-6. However, a recount was asked for by Cherry Bugg's campaign officials and it was discovered that Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane did not vote in the election. At first it was thought that these two precocious youths just voted for themselves but RBF was later heard to say, "Achoo!" in regards to the whole election process.

Jane remains adamant that she won a fair election. However, Cherry Bugg claims that in the recount, she won by a margin of 108-2. Jane has questioned the validity of that claim; especially since Clifford said that he remembered voting for Jane because she has a strong policy against going "potty on the bed." Cherry Bugg declined to comment.

While Jane tends to view her rule more by divine right than people's opinions, she will gladly take the result of her supreme power over all those she surveys.

Miss Jill and Mr. John have no opinion on such matters. They leave the rabbits to rule themselves.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Every year is the Year of the Rabbit

All of our bunnies are quite upset today. That whole Chinese New Year being the Year of the Rat didn't please them much at all. According to them, it's about the bunny! Not surprising as they do seem a little self-aggrandizing. Ooh, that word alone raises our blog literacy level!!!

So happy Year of the Rabbit. Again. (Although Jane might derogatorily refer to Cherry Bugg as a RAT after that last back yard election but I don't want to go there.)