Sunday, November 22, 2009

RIP: Princess Jane (2001-2009)

Princess Jane passed away this afternoon while sitting calmly on the back lawn. It was a calm peaceful Sunday as she, her husband Phillip, and the two sisters were all out hopping around the back lawn. She passed peacefully, as she was thinking about her great empire that has grown since her childhood days. Sadly, Phillip ran around looking for his dear wife but spent much of the rest of the afternoon sitting beside her and reflecting upon their life together.

Life was not always so for the two of them as they originally argued as they sat in two separate cages. But love overcame all those original spats as they lived together in the large cage for four years. Princess Jane was loved by all and no rabbit has had softer fur to pet than her. She is survived by her husband Phillip and has given much training to Root Beer Float as they often sat beside each other in the back yard on Sunday afternoons. Jane lived a long full life and will be reunited her long time nemeses Flowers and Miss Bugg.

She will always be remembered. We love you, Princess Jane. Let St. Francis pray for you, our Grey Girl, as you run wildly with your family and friends in Bunny Heaven.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chip Likes Being Petted on the Nose

Miss Jill and Mister John were stunned to discover that little Chip loves being petted on the nose. Now he of course denies this and will always stay at least one arm's length away from people but when petted on the nose, he will happily flop beside the nose petter.

In other news, Ruby Jane is becoming more of a bed bunny as well. She flops on the bed next to Mister John and Miss Jill but then likes scratching about later (unlike Cherry Bugg who will quietly flop all night). Sooner or later she'll understand what to do.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jane Denies Facelift

Princess Jane vehemently denies having a facelift on Saturday although there are definitive marks on her eye. She claims she had an equipment malfunction and needed excess makeup to deal with it. Mr. John and Miss Jill both deny any sort of accusation of abuse.

Meanwhile Cherry Bugg indignantly states that Princess Jane has a new facelift. "Whatever," she said.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

RBF Wonders Where Cake Is

Even though it is nowhere near her birthday, Root Beer Float was heard asking her sister Ruby Jane, "Hey, where's my birthday cake?"

"Where's OUR birthday cake?" retorted Ruby Jane, irritated that RBF forgot that they share the same birthday. Ruby Jane, our beloved Brown Bear, shrugged and hopped back under the orange tree.

Root Beer Float, as you can see here, sits a bit confused near the base of the ham radio tower. She's pining for a nice chocolate cake. Maybe all of this Halloween chatter among the rabbits led to her thinking she'd get chocolate cake. Heck, Mister John and Miss Jill would like some chocolate cake too.

Meanwhile Chip is upset that people keep blaming him for things. Poor chip.