Monday, June 29, 2009

Chip Says Hi, Leaves Bedroom for Comfier Cage

Although Chip hopped into Mr. John and Miss Jill's bedroom tonight for a nose rub, he quickly left afterward to go back to his cage tucked into the corner of the den. Supposedly a new supply of hay and a clean potty are much better than nose rubs. Meanwhile, Mr. John looked on amusingly and went back to watching the Dodgers beat the Rockies in 13 innings.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bunnies Have Overnight Picnic

Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane somehow managed to break out of their cage last night (Mr. John has no comment) and sit around and on the outdoor picnic table. They were awaiting some carrot sandwiches and yogurt. Miss Jill was agog at this comment. "Yogurt?" she asked. "We don't have any yogurt." At that the bunnies thumped and hopped off, not yet having their picnic.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Six Months Till Thumpmas

While many bask in the summer sun and think of vacations and relaxation, the bunnies are already planning. Thumpmas, the most important day on the rabbit calendar, is only six months away. Such important planning -- like parades, themes, costumes, carrots -- all arise in the summer season. Such innocent backyard get togethers are actually political committees. Miss Jill and Mister John have no comment as they have not attended these and if accidentally intrude upon one, are unceremoniously thumped.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cherry Bugg Instigates Near Soccer Brawl with Phillip

Cherry Bugg, who has never actually watched a soccer game but knows that it's played on a large verdant pitch of tasty grass, antagonized Phillip this afternoon after the shocking 2-0 US soccer victory over Spain. Phillip, a Spanish prince and rabbit, was quite dismayed by the outcome and was originally hiding in the back corner of his cage. As he was seeking comfort from his mate Jane, Cherry Bugg was laying down soccer smack in a most bunny-like way. "We bit you on the butt and took all of your carrots!" Never has Phillip been that angry. Well, one time Miss Jill rearranged his furniture... and he is quite particular about his arrangements. He becomes a fussbudget even if you move a water dish.

The situation did settle down later but not without a few choice Spanish words from Phillip. Luckily, Miss Jill and I are not that well versed at Spanish bunny talk so I guess Phillip got the better of that conversation. In any event, none of the bunnies had a comment at press time although I do believe Root Beer Float was eating a plant... but more on that later after I get the complete scoop from Miss Jill. Until then I think the local vegetation better watch out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chip Argues with Aunt Cherry Bugg over Father's Day

Yesterday, Chip got into a bit of a row with his aunt regarding the meaning of Father's Day. Cherry Bugg wanted to go see Papa Bugg who usually resides on top of Mister John and Miss Jill's bed. Cherry Bugg asserted that her nephew could not see him until she was done talking with him. Usually, Papa Bugg tends to be cantankerous and usually asks the other rabbits if they have any "smokes." While I have never know a rabbit to smoke, Jill and I believe that Papa Bugg picked up this bad habit while in the merchant marines.

Chip was not allowed into the room and he and his aunt briefly brawled. While he was seemingly no worse for the wear, he still wanted into the room to say hello to his grandfather. Luckily Miss Jill and I later came home and assuaged the struggle.

Ironically, Papa Bugg spent most of Father's Day in the back yard with some of his other children so Cherry Bugg and Chip essentially squabbled over hanging out with Clifford, the Bunny Stopper! (see a clip from last year's blog).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mister John Done with School, Rabbits Hungry

Now that Mr. John completed his final essay, the rabbits demand more attention. Princess Jane wants a manicure, Phillip wants a plasma TV in the corner of their cage. Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane both want a box of candies. Cherry Bugg wants a recount of her election to Jane last year; she's been watching that whole Iran saga and she feels slighted too. In fact she claims she beat Princess Jane Bunnyinehjad. Whatever. Finally, Chip just wants to be petted on the nose more. Good for Chip.

Meanwhile Mr. John has been watching too much Life After People. That might give the bunnies some ideas. One last thing... MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mister John Accepted to Grad School; Rabbits Want More Food

Now that Mr. John has been accepted to Loyola Marymount for their Master of Arts in English program, the rabbits are complaining that they deserve more food. "If Mr. John thinks he is so smart," gripes Cherry Bugg, "he should be able to think of a better way to feed us!" One cage over Princess Jane pondered, "With this extra education, he should be going into a higher salary bracket soon so we should be given better cages with cable TV, air conditioning, and reclining chairs."

No comment from Mr. John or Miss Jill as of yet.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Someone Goes Potty on Quizzes; Chip Claims Innocence

This evening while Mr. John and Miss Jill were off watching a dramatic episode of The Bachelorette (oh my gosh, who lied and has a girlfriend?), someone went potty on Mr. John's period 1 and 5 quizzes. No one has admitted it but Chip was right nearby. He says he did not do it and it was all subterfuge. He says Paulie, the stuffed Dodger tiger did it since there were no games tonight and the Dodgers had lost the night before on ESPN. I have my doubts on that.

Alas, we may never know who went potty on the quizzes. But since four of the bunnies were locked up outside in cages and Cherry Bugg was snuggled in her cage in our bedroom, methinks it was the Chipper. But he does look quite innocent in that picture, doesn't he?

Guess I won't be lying on the couch tonight watching SportsCenter after all.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meet Clyde, Our New Tree

As Jill and I become more nimble with our not-so-green thumbs, we have adopted a new tree into the household. We now have our third camphor tree. The first has always been in the front yard and the second was planted about 10 years ago and provides shade to the back corner of the house. This third camphor tree named Clyde after my grandfather (I was named after my other grandfather) and sits in the middle of the yard where an elm resided until it was uprooted to make play for an amateur radio (ham) tower in 1984.

Clyde seems to be doing quite well other than the rabbit-oriented scrapes and bruises. One brown bear by the name of Ruby Jane has been nibbling at Clyde's bark so we wrapped it in netting this afternoon. Ultimately, he will be a great shade-making addition to the backyard.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sisterhood Strong in Backyard

Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane have released the following statement regarding the new mini-fence in the back yard which prevents them for eating the new flowers: "We, the sisters Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane, do solemnly swear under great oath of dignity that we, the aforementioned rabbits, will not participate in any rabbit-like activities, parades, or festivals until the autocratic government of Miss Jill and Mister John remove the fence of great offense which disallows said ability to hop and enjoy the variety and tastes of roses and hydrangeas thus disallowing one of the main tenets of the Rabbit Constitution which states unequivocally that 'all Rabbits should be provided with freedoms of food, liberty, and the pursuit of thumping.' That is all." The two have not responded to any queries from either the public or the local magistrates.