Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parole... for Now

Chip is free for the time being until Miss Jill, Mister John, and Mary Jane head off to Arizona. Then back into the cage for him. Poor helpless boy who thinks he is a man.

Yellow Dress

Yay for Mary Jane!


Arizona might not just be the state of Miss Jill's parents, saguaro cacti, the Grand Canyon, and out-of-control politicians...

Updates coming...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Is Here

So is the rain.

Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane had to spend the night indoors due to the heavy rain blowing into their cage. Alas, poor Chip was moved to the bedroom where he felt demoted. I guess he was... but all for the greater good of rabbits. They're now back outside and Chip is back in his cage. He thumped. Good timing.

So there's your first day of spring.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

100 Days!!!

Yes, over 100 days ago our little precious Mary Jane was born and became our dear child. I can't believe it's only been 100 days but she's grown so much and now she's THIS close to giggling. Oh, such the precious gem.

Alas, poor Chip, he has been reacting like a child. He's been going potty where he shouldn't be. And he thinks he's a man but he keeps acting like a child. Someone's getting locked up at nights now, boy.

As for our dear Mary Jane, we had pictures taken of her today at Sears so we will get those soon enough.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sleepy Girl

Shhhh... I can't hear her. That's a good sign. Maybe another night of ten hour sleep!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Because I Like This Photo

No real reason here. I know it was over a month ago but it's one of the best ones of the two of us. Some day she'll say, "Daddy, why do you have so much grey hair?" But that's ok... I blame that on my sophomores.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday in the Park... I Think It Was Airport Park...

Mommy and Daddy took their precious Mary Jane over to the Airport Park this afternoon. MJ was quite complacent as she smiled, cooed, and slept for a quaint 90 minutes. The occasional airplanes took off nearby (as they still do) and the avid soccer players ran about on the synthetic turf next to us.

After a long wait, we got our chance at using the swing. Nothing quite throws a person back to their past more than a swing. Alas, Daddy's legs are too long for actual long-arc swinging but at least he looked comfortable enough for this picture here.

Unfortunately for Mary Jane, she was awakened around 2am when Chip and Cherry Bugg decided to fight under her crib. Mister John was quite unhappy at this zoning mis-regulation (no fighting in the nursery, everyone knows that) and Cherry Bugg was summarily put in her outdoor cage. Chip was locked up but the surprised MJ was inconsolable for another 45 minutes. Poor little girl.

She'll be smiling for the cameras tomorrow as well.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mary Jane Sleeping Longer Nights

In a great bit of news for her parents (as well as the rabbits), Mary Jane is now sleeping almost 11 hours a night. "Finally," said Cherry Bugg who often sleeps in the parents' room. "All that crying irritated my ears. It's bad enough we have a baby boy but now a baby girl too? Thump." She was referring to Chip who although claiming he is a man still acts in a very boyish manner.

As for the extra sleep, Mister John aka Daddy said, "Now if the springtime of our content." Miss Jill aka Mommy was asleep and could not be held for comment.

Root Beer Float Makes a Break for It... Again!

The family Houdini, Root Beer Float, managed to escape out the side gate this afternoon after it didn't fully close a few hours earlier when the gardener left the back yard. Mister John, not going through the side gate, did not see the slight crack which the eagle-eyed (and round bellied!) RBF did see. RBF was later discovered in the front yard grazing on previously unseen and untasted grass. Unfortunately for the quasi-panda bear, this was the wrong yard for her and Miss Jill along with Mister John (who was wearing Mary Jane on a front pack) had to chase her back. Unlike the other rabbits she was not indignant about being caught. She just hopped back to the yard and scurried around till she found another delicious patch of grass.

Ruby Jane and Prince Phillip did not have any comment after the matter.

Root Beer Float has had many legendary escapes since she endeared herself to the Erb family back in 2006. At a very young age she already learned how to hop and climb vertically to escape almost any type of cage. Back in 2006 when she was a mere bunny and TOME (The Original Mr. Erb, Mister John's father) was staying with the family in the summer, his voice often cried, "Run, rabbit, run!" meaning she escaped yet again.

Later that year Mister John's friend Pete made the bad mistake of accidentally leaving the hutch gate open and it took hours for he and his wife Lillian to round up Root Beer Float and her rambunctious sister Ruby Jane.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mary Jane Celebrates Three Months of Life... with a Cold

Poor little MJ... nothing worse than a cold. OK, maybe not wanting to go to sleep so Daddy has to drive her around for 15 minutes. Ah, such is the life to be Daddy.