Monday, May 27, 2013

Wearing Your Food

No one ever said that Miss Betsy was the cleanest of eaters.  Yesterday at Gramma's house, she ate most of a peach but did manage to wear much of it upon her face.  And you wonder why parents give their toddlers bibs to wear.

Never mind that she devoured two large slices of pizza later in the day.  Eating machine, I tell you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Every Day Is a Fun Day in the Backyard

With a hammock and a water table, who could be happier?  Well, not Mary Jane because the water table was upside down.  No problems, Daddy turned it right-side up for her.  Time for the splashing to commence.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Old Guard Not Happy about the Changes to the Backyard

A formal complaint was registered this weekend by both Phillip and Ruby Jane regarding the summer reconfiguration of the back yard.  The re-inclusion of the hammock and water table have confused matters for the elder gentry.  Suddenly when they hop across the back yard -- or more specifically to return to their cage ramp -- there's a large spot of water which literally dampens their hopping ability.

"This is intolerable," said Phillip this weekend.  "Someone needs to be fired for such a poor attempt at feng shui in this back yard."

Upon hearing Phillip's complaint, Mister John replied, "But I thought I was OK with that.  Didn't I win $300 in Vegas last month playing that?"  Oh, that Mister John.

Ruby Jane still has issues with placing the slide ride over a prime grazing area.  Although the hammock she says does provide shaded relief in the summertime.  "What we really need is morning relief from the sun?  Whatever happened to our covers to the cage?  THUMP."  Mister John feebly responded that the burlap sacks were torn apart by hungry squirrels.  No rabbit bought that excuse though.  They tend to buy very little that Mister John sells.

Oh, such is life in the Erb backyard.  Revolution is fomenting and Mary Jane and Betsy Jo have no idea it's coming.
Phillip Lurks in the Background Plotting Revolution While Betsy Jo Thinks Happy Thoughts

The Battle of the Headbands

So there it is... Betsy Jo says GREEN while Mary Jane says PINK.  Such are the controversies which these girls will stoke for the next seventy years.  I think they will have their superpowers soon enough.

Not quite sure what their powers will be... I'll have to save that for a longer, more truly inspired blog post.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fire Station Open House!

Oddly enough the firemen rarely use this any more.  Most of the firemen at Mar Vista are on the older side and might actually get hurt on the landing.  But it remains as a symbol.
 It's been a double fire truck week for the girls.  On Thursday, Mary Jane and Betsy Jo went to the local fire station in Westchester.  (Some of those pictures must be on Facebook somewhere.)  But that was completely unrelated to the open houses run throughout all of LAFD today.

I was struggling with my Saturday morning run... on my quest to finish the Pasadena half-marathon... when I passed a bunch of fire trucks parked out on a street.  I thought, "Oh, bad fire" or even "Someone was shot!" as it was down by Oakwood.  But no, it was an open house with a pancake breakfast!  Ah, no better way to celebrate a morning than with a pancake breakfast.  Ironically, Mommy and Mary Jane were fixing a pancake breakfast while I was running out and about through the Venice and Mar Vista area (today's run: 7 miles).  We didn't ever make it to the Venice pancake breakfast (maybe next year) but I did take the two girls to the Mar Vista open house.  It's the one over on Venice and Inglewood.  Yes, where the old Break Shot used to be. (Now how would you remember that?)

There weren't that many people there that late in the day.  Mostly moms with young children so I fit in quite well with my girls.

Mary Jane and Betsy Jo had fun wandering around and climbing onto and off of the fire trucks.  No hats were worn though.  That's too bad.  

Daddy and the Girls

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sleepy Bunnies... Or Not!

 Mommy is celebrating because Daddy is done with grad school for the semester.  No more Wednesday nights of Mary Jane trying to test Mommy's resolve while she fakes going to sleep.  But poor Mary Jane does have a nagging cold this week so she wasn't totally trying to work the guilt trip on Mommy.

 Cupcake?  Gimme some of that!
There's some yummy food for Betsy.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alphabet for Betsy

Hey now, everyone deserves their chance of getting an Alphabet video on the bunnyonthehead blog.

In this video, Betsy Jo is at our Sunday music class.  She gets to jump up and down on the mini-trampoline to the Alphabet Song.  In the first few classes, she would never do it.  She'd near the trampoline and then cry if I placed her on it.  But with practice at home (go, crib, go!) she has become much more advanced in her Alphabet Song jumping.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day? THUMP!

The bunnies do not believe in this concept of May Day.  Sure, it might be a day for the worker but they don't feel appreciated for all the work they do in the backyard.

"I've dug deep holes in the back yard and what do I get out of it?" inquires Ruby Jane.  "A brick!  A stupid brick put there so I can't dig any more."  She thumps to show her disapproval.  "I'll dig wherever and whenever I want to."

Betsy Jo sympathized with the angry rabbit contingent but wasn't quite sure what she was crying about.  Give her a reason and she'll go for it.
Betsy feels their pain