Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bunnies Not So Hoppy on Rainy Day

Unlike the cartoon character (see right), the Erb family bunnies are stuck in their cages on this rainy day and are quite unhoppy. Chip remains in his, flopped and staring at the while. Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane remain huddled, staring out at the rain falling upon the grass. Cherry Bugg remains indignant, true to her self. And Phillip just hates water altogether. Meanwhile Mister John needs to remember not to wear Crocs when walking down wet sidewalks.

Meanwhile Mister John continues to read his Superfreakonomics book and highlight materials for this year's Super Quiz. Ah, the Academic Decathlon waits for no man or rain storm.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


OK, the second half was much much better than the first half. A new game plan, better defense, one timely interception. That's all we really needed. While 7-6 does not look like a great season by any means, it's not only better than 6-7 but we're also NOT U$C.

Chip and Cherry Bugg both united in watching the second half and by saying, "Go Bruins!" The best of all Thumpmas gifts...

Mister John Feels 90 Minutes of His Life Lost

After one half of frustrating bowl football, Mister John looked over at Cherry Bugg and asked, "Where did the last thirty minutes of my life go?" Cherry Bugg continued to eat her carrot and ignored his pained queries. Mister John should eat a carrot or two and feel better about himself as well.

UCLA basketball season is already in action or inaction as the case may be. Well, at least there's the fantasy football title game this Sunday. Go Spanish Inquisition!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Miss Jill, Mister John Ride Rampant Through Desert

Underneath the roar of engines road Miss Jill and Mr. John through the desert by Miss Jill's family home in an unincorporated area near Surprise, AZ. Miss Jill took to a quad runner and left the home, leaving everyone wondering where she went. Upon her return (she said it was "Whee fun!"), Mr. John took his turn but not without her trailing behind in her father's Jeep. No bunnies were startled in the desert but as Skip is apt to say, "Those aren't real bunnies. Those are hares with scary eyes." Like the Pardoner, for you Chaucer fans.

There might be pictures accompanying this tomorrow. Until then, Miss Jill will rue about the shoes she wants to buy but will not. Mr. John will lead the family in more board games. Whee fun!

And Chip says Hi to all the bloggers out there.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thumpmas Stick Not Approved

Chip was given two sticks for Thumpmas: one in the box (pictured to right) and one in the cage (also pictured but to the left). Alas, Chip was not amused and repeatedly tossed it out his cage. But for the picture he reluctantly allowed it to stay inside for the requisite five seconds for photographing. But as soon as Miss Jill withdrew her camera, TOSS! Out goes the stick. Nothing like acts of indignant defiance on Thumpmas.

Chip Insulted with Gift Stick

Chip was quite unamused when Mr. John and Miss Jill brought him a desert stick for Thumpmas. He first lunged at it then tossed it outside of his cage. He didn't mention that he loved the carrot given to him earlier in the day. Or the excellent nose rub Mr. John gave him in the morning. But for now, a disdaining Thumpmas thump. No news on what RBF, Ruby Jane, Phillip, and Cherry Bugg received for Thumpmas. But one would think they would not be satisfied.

As for Miss Jill, she really likes her new boots which make her feet feel comfortable. Mr. John also received some appropriate t-shirts, board games, and books.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

All Rabbits but Chip Ignored for Thumpmas

It's the annual tradition in the Erb household. The bunnies get together and celebrate Thumpmas without Mr. John and Miss Jill who mysteriously disappear every year. But the bunnies discovered this year that their owners have scurried off to Arizona to be with Miss Jill's parents. And they also took Chip with them to show off! "The indignity of it all!" proclaimed Cherry Bugg. "That little pipsqueak doesn't know the slightest thing about Thumpmas yet they take him to show him off to all those people." Finally, after an elongated thump, "And I'm cuter too!"

Root Beer Float took a more conciliatory approach. "That's okay that they took him," said RBF in between bites of a carrot. "More food here for us anyway." That thought was seconded by her sister Ruby Jane who didn't bother to answer as she was eating a carrot as well.

Miss Jill denied any wrongdoing and said, "We're just trying to spread the joy of rabbits to all!" The Erb rabbits have yet to comment on that.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Semester of Grad School Complete

There is no truth to the rumor that Mr. John is taking classes in Feeding Rabbits. He just finished his first two M.A. classes and feels relieved. That sort of relief that only completing a 14 page hand-written final on Chaucer can do.

Time to go pet a bunny. A nice furry bunny that fluffs up for Thumpmas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thumpmas, Two Weeks Away

Again the commemoration of the greatest indignity of rabbit history occurs in two weeks. On that night, Joseph and a pregnant Mary were trying to find a place to stay. There was no room in the inn so they had to stay out in a stable. But the animals all were allowed to stay... except the rabbits! They were forcefully moved out by the Shepherds. Then the Magi later came by and tried to eat them! How intolerably rude!!! Thus the rabbits on the scene were quite upset. The birth of the Baby Jesus startled them. With all the Seraphim singing and the Choirs and Hosts rejoicing, the rabbits could do only what they knew: They THUMPED. And with that thump, that startled the Baby Jesus and he cried for the very first time. Granted a few windows broke but still the upset rabbits helped create one of the seminal moments in Jesus' life. The rabbits look back on Thumpmas with mixed emotions. Yes, the great Jesus was born but they were also kicked out of their home, thus starting a tradition in many nations: the chasing of rabbits out of hutches. (Heck, Australia even has a rabbit-proof fence! Those heathens)

Make sure you leave a large carrot out on Thumpmas night. Otherwise the great Thumpmas rabbit may get upset and go potty on your sofa. Don't want that to happen!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Rumor that Mister John Is Running from Thumpmas

Now that Thumpmas is only a few weeks away, the pressure is on Mr. John and Miss Jill to get presents for the rabbits. While they were denying the pressure, a picture was just leaked of Mr. John supposedly running to a store to buy carrot-scented presents. While no one can actually confirm this, the number pinned to his chest confirms some sort of organized action.