Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bunny Day Is Coming!

While some people call it Easter and others call it Passover, those in this household call the big spring holiday BUNNY DAY! Indeed, the Christian masses have usurped the glorious Bunny Day with their own hackneyed version with their own bastardized form of an Easter Bunny. The gall of them!

In clockwise order starting from the upper left: Jane, Root Beer Float, and Ruby Jane all caucused over the upcoming Bunny Day. What should be done, what weeds should be eaten, when to thump... all the essentials. Phillip remained in his tower throughout the meeting knowing that the women might just get it wrong. Meanwhile, Cherry Bugg was not allowed into the meeting as she would stir up animosities over the previous Bunny Election and then lots of butt-biting would ensue. Lastly, Chip stayed inside the house and hopped around looking for a comfortable couch.

Bunny Day is coming! Be prepared!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bunnies on the Ides of March

Luckily none of our rabbits are named Caesar although they would be quite the imperial name for Princess Jane. Hopefully she hasn't read too much Roman history.

Anyway, the bunnies are out and about today and it's a good time to photograph them. Alas, only Phillip wanted to have his photo taken. Jane was too busy eating weeds while RBF was trying to hide and Ruby Jane was on the run.

New pictures of Chip!

Chip has endeared our hearts greatly. While we have kept him away from the others (mostly from their jealousy of his young spriteful self), Chip has bounced around quite well in the house.

As you can see to the left, he is still quite a small bunny as he is dwarfed by his sisters Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane who still tend to pick on him like a younger sibling.
But Chip, whom Jill calls "My Boy," will grow large enough to push around his sisters in a few years. Good for Chip! But for now, he can hop around in the living room and watch television with us.