Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Newest Addition


As you can see here, there is a new bunny in and about the Erb household.  Miss Heidi Faye seems to have much of the same spirit as Cherry Bugg.  We're not sure if she'll bite people on the head but if she just sits on our heads, that's good enough.

Heidi loves to sit in the living and hop back and forth between Mister John and Miss Jill.  She seems quite the sociable bunny but she has not yet interacted with either Phillip or Ruby Jane.  That will be a chapter of its own.

Mary Jane Does a Bit of Dancing

Ooh, sorry for the long delay between posts.  Sometimes when we get busy, we tend to forget about such things like blogging.  Then again we're not even sure as to our audience.  Friends and family, sure.  But when the website says many of our hits come from Russia (huh?), I wonder what I-madness is going on.

Anyway, in this video, Mary Jane does a little dancing before telling Gramma hi.  Quintessential wacky Mary Jane here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Girls Ready for Seeing Extended Family

Mary Jane and Betsy Jo are ready to see Gramma and an assortment of aunts this weekend.  Hopefully Mary Jane will not repeat her over-eating of canteloupes this year.  As for Betsy Jo, maybe she'll copy and sister and try to say, "No no no!"