Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bunny Debate Set for Next Week

Bunny Election candidates Cherry Bugg and Princess Jane have agreed to meet in three separate debates to discuss the various important election topics. The first debate will set in the master bedroom and will be supervised by Miss Jill. Here they will discuss domestic policy in front of many stuffed animals who are surprisingly still undecided (except for Mama and Papa Bugg who clearly will vote for their daughter). They will both be seated on the bed and answer these questions for at least 30 minutes or until one of them bites the other on the butt.

The second debate will be held outdoor in the patio by the back door. This debate will primarily discuss economic and agricultural issues. Questions about carrots, rose bushes, and dead leaves will surely arise. It is believed that Mister John will supervise this debate and it should last 30 minutes or until one of the rabbits again tries to bite the other on the butt.

The final debate will be held on the living room sofa and this will be more of a town hall debate in front of the other undecided animals: Fred, Frederica, Sharkey, Commute Bunny, and Clifford among others. Again this should last approximately thirty minutes. There is no truth to the rumor that Princess Jane and Cherry Bugg will debate MMA style in a steel cage. They prefer smooth wood floors.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mister John Caught Hypnotizing Candidate

Apparently both Miss Jill and Mister John are trying to affect the big Bunny Election come November. He was spotted trying to hypnotize Cherry Bugg into a trance. While he says that he was doing it to calm her nerves, other critics suggest that he was trying to influence the election. Oddly enough there have no been no comments from the Princess Jane camp. She's been on an indoor retreat getting spa treatments and tasty yogurt shakes for the last two days.