Saturday, May 19, 2012

Walking down the Street

Nothing like walking down the street with your favorite two girls.  Daddy gets to hold Betsy while watching Mary Jane waddle along to the end of the corner.  Mommy stands behind and tapes the fun family walk.

Occasionally Mary Jane will point at cars, doggies, or planes (we do live adjacent to an airport) but not in this video.  She just happily waddles along without a care in the world.  Shouldn't we all!

No, not our driveway!
The very next day Mary Jane made it around the 1/4 mile block for the very first time.  The last few houses were difficult -- she started walking up every driveway hoping it was home -- but she finally made it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Betsy's Back Kick

Betsy's energy has improved immensely.  Then again she does voice her opinion early and often.  Now though she has managed to get her kicks in... maybe she has swimming in her future.  I'm not sure.

The Password Is: Usurp

Mary Jane decided to usurp Betsy's throne this afternoon and sat in her mini-high chair.  Betsy was crawling around and oblivious to the throne stealing but Daddy was there to catch a surprised Mary Jane.  She didn't think that anyone would be there to catch her thievery.  Aha!  The camera is always near by... that's what parents are for.

Mary Jane has recently added the word "highchair" to her vocabulary.  She's also added "bubble" as she become much better at blowing bubbles in the back yard with Daddy.  She needs to learn a bit more patience at it but she's becoming a natural.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baths Are Fun!!!

At least that's what Mary Jane says.  Now anytime in the afternoon, her favorite word is "Bath."  She knows it's coming at some point in the late afternoon.  The only problem for Mary Jane is that it comes right before she goes to bed.  Subsequently when Daddy picks her up with his towel, that means it's dressing-for-bed time and she screams in disapproval. 

Oh, she can't wait to go swimming again this summer.  Bring on those swimming classes at LMU again!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Letters Count

It's good to see that Mister John (aka Daddy) and his two girls can spell.  Or at least manipulate the blocks into acceptable words.  The bunnies tried to claim that they created this for Mama Bugg but that fell on deaf ears.  While Mother's Day is a week away, the sign was still appreciated by the main Mama in the family.

Someone's Too Cool for the Family

No more photos.  TMZ has been hounding me for weeks!
Mary Jane has gone to wearing sunglasses so she can hide from her little sister Betsy Jo.  I don't think it's working as this picture shows.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Fourth Is with Her

Mary Jane, Master Jedi, celebrates Star Wars day by lifting a car belonging to Grampa Kendall.  I so love how using the force makes her hair stand up.