Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Girls Rest, Daddy Gets a Few Minutes of Sunday Football Time

Alas for Daddy, most of his players were in action during Thumpsgiving so this morning's action is fairly meaningless.  But Betsy and Mary Jane did make a wonderful guest appearance during Mass this morning.  Poor Betsy had a bit of a fit early on but she calmed down by the end of it.

The Santa Ana winds are blowing today which always makes it a bit drier outside.  I hope sore noses and throats don't arise from it.

Meanwhile, Daddy walks back and forth between sleeping girls ensuring that their "white noise" giraffe is on and keeping them napping for just a little bit more. 

Mommy is napping too.  Daddy is making sure that Gilmore Girls is on in the background so she can nap for a little bit more too.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Awesomely Cute Video of Mary Jane ("Babu")

Not exactly "Performance Art with Mary Jane" but close enough.

Mary Jane was out and about in the back yard this afternoon.  Right after she started to walk oh so gingerly on the grass, she turned around and performed a little for me.  She's great at tilting her head to the side these days.  Nothing like saying, "Bad cough" and seeing her replying with a cough.  She doesn't do it here as I was hoping she'd say "Babu" which is her current word for "Bunny."

Mary Jane admiring the bunnies
 Her walking on the grass still needs a little work but that's not a problem for us.  She's just as happy to stand there and watch the airplanes take off from Santa Monica Airport.  Zoom!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thumpsgiving Is upon Us Again

It's Thumpsgiving once again, that time of year when all rabbits come together and thump about what truly displeases them.  Yes, this goes all the way back to the earliest days of our heritage when Pilgrims and Indians when they shared their first big supper... and then gave none of the delicious salad leftovers to the rabbits.  The indigenous rabbits of the New England region thumped at those careless humans and the tradition has carried on ever since.

Today Cherry Bugg clearly celebrated Thumpsgiving as an unhappy indoor bunny.  The other members of the Erb clan all managed to hop outside while she stayed indoors.  Nevermind that it was comfy and warm inside with Miss Jill, Mister John, and the two little girls away for most of the day.  She still needs to find something to the thump about.  And she always does!

The two sisters, Root Beer Float (seen above) and Ruby Jane, thumped that they were not allowed to hop in the back yard for the entire day.  They were rounded up by noon and neither were happy about it.  Again nevermind that they grazed for hours on the recently rain-rejuvenated grass.  Thumpsgiving is for thumping and not for appreciation.

Phillip clearly thumped at the handyman who was in our back yard creating an extra fence between us and the neighbors to our west.  Phillip does not like anyone in his territory; he is the alpha rabbit afterall.  Furthermore, he despises any extra interior decoration without his initial approval... in triplicate.

As for Miss Jill and Mister John, it's been a long year since last Thumpsgiving.  Two baby girls, an occasionally messy hours, and less hours of sleep have pervaded into their lives.  But they would never thump at their lovely two daughters who have brought so much joy (and again lack of sleep) into their lives.  Maybe Mister John will thump at the McRib going away so soon... but he barely even knew it was here.

Don't forget: it's only one month until Thumpmas.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Five Years!

Yes, it might be a few days late but Internet access in the desert was difficult to come by.  Miss Jill and Mister John have now been married for a full five years!  Such a glorious day!

For those who were there, thanks again for being there for the wedding.  A great time was had by all and we truly appreciated coming out and supporting us on our big day.

As I learned on Saturday night -- a fact I long since had forgotten -- or beer of choice that night was Stella Artois.  Totally forgot our tribute to the Stella.

And please say Hi to Fr. Darrin on the left and Fr. Raphael on the right.  Nice tall priests for officiating the ceremony.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mary Jane Walks!

Mary Jane is now fully bipedal... for at least a few steps.  She makes it around the house well enough to surprise Mommy and Daddy.  However walking on the backyard grass is still a challenge.  She refused to chase the bunnies on foot today.  Instead she stood there flexing her toes in the grass and refusing to go anywhere.  That was clearly a sign of weakness that the bunnies can manipulate.

Meanwhile in the house, Mommy and Daddy have both been nearly tackled by the silent linebacker strolling the kitchen.  BAM!  There goes the knee!

Rumor has it that Mary Jane will NOT run in the 5K tomorrow in Long Beach but will rather take the day off to work on other projects like smiling, laughing, and faking coughs.