Friday, September 24, 2010

Where's the Paella?

Prince Phillip was sniffing all over the back yard this evening looking for some good eats. As you can see in this picture, he was twisting his head left and right for something tasty. Sometimes grass, dead leaves, and rose bushes just aren't good enough.

Later in the evening, Ruby Jane accidentally chased him down. When Phillip turned to confront her, she quietly acquiesced. As well she should.

Meanwhile Mister John and Miss Jill tried some gluten-free pizza and were mildly surprised. It actually had good taste. Alas, they forgot to bring him the leftovers. Thump. Root Beer Float always wants some of the leftovers.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Up Close with Brown Bear

Mister John decide to lie on the ground and take some pictures of the bunnies. Ruby Jane came right up to him and thought that he was going to give her some carrots... or at least a banana. Alas, he was just there to take pictures. So Ruby Jane hopped along.

Chips for Chip

Miss Jill left a bag of tortilla chips on the floor and a particular bunny (who thinks he's a man) came by to sniff them out. I don't think that Chip had much to eat from the chip bag but Miss Jill did manage to grab a camera and work on the little Chippers.

Sometimes you just have to have some chips.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

10 Years Ago...

Mister John drove over to a place called Van Gogh's Ear in Venice. Not really a great eating establishment but a place that had a relatively empty upstairs area where he could have a brunch date with some woman named Jill. I guess it worked out for them because they've known each other for ten years now. Who would have thought that having eggs and toast would start a lifelong relationship? Of course Mister John did have much shaggier -- almost mullet-like -- hair back then. And he even wore jeans. That's something that Mister John rarely does.

Ten years and many bunnies later, they are quite happy together.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ruby Jane Feeling Better, Grooms Her Sister

Ruby Jane, fresh off her bout with vertigo, seems to be doing much better right now. She has a bit more energy and even chased and bit her sister who she thought was getting in her way. She's regaining her spirit of independence... which is kinda sad as she allowed me to hold her for a very long time on Saturday night. Oh well, such it is with a bunny who thinks she's an angry teenager even though she's clearly more like a 30 year old in comparison now. I guess a cranky 30 year old who is not sure about their life plan or why they have to sit in a cage all of their life. I do feel bad for Ruby Jane and she spends lots of time just pondering her own futile existence. Ruby Jane seems to be the equivalent of Tyler Durden. Trying to find her adult way in life when she still pines to being a younger person with no responsibilities. As I type this, she's trying to chew on a light cord. Project Mayhem indeed.

Feet Sore but the Bridge Has Been Conquered

Mister John has valiantly defeated the Vincent Thomas Bridge for the second year in a row. This time he didn't walk up the bridge on the return trip. Slow and steady... he finished the race. Alas, the bottom of his feet are sore as is his right calf which tightened up. That's ok... that's what silent reading is for in class. All the easier to rest while the students do all the work for you.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mister John Does Better than Watson

What, you don't recall the old American painting of that naked dude who fell into the harbor and was being attacked by a shark? I guess you didn't have Academic Decathlon a few years back. Well, get with it!

Anyway, Mister John had a good Saturday as he caught a nice big (plastic?) shark off the Manhattan Beach Pier. At least he said he caught it. Most people who catch shark are either lying or end up with one arm. (I think we'll need a bigger boat.) Anyway, he marched around with Miss Jill on the beachhead yesterday and had a very good time. It was a big foggy out so they didn't burn. I don't think the shark had to worry about it.

No word yet from Sharkey about whether he approves of Mister John's weekend activities.

Chip's Under the Crib Again

Mister John couldn't find Chip but he had a good guess. Yep, Chip was hiding under the crib in the not-yet christened nursery. He loves hiding under that thing because there's a low ceiling and... well, he's not as tell as his fellow bunnies. He shouldn't take that to heart but he does.

Anyway, he was quite surprised when Mister John showed up with a camera to take this picture. He should have smiled but you know Chip, he gets a big surprised at times.