Monday, January 31, 2011

Decathlon Survives Day One

The first day of the Academic Decathlon competition went by mercifully enough... but never without controversy. Delays hampered the starting time which pushed essays back. Subsequently this pushed back some of the speech and interview times. But our intrepid band of well-dressed students persevered. With resumes in hand, they interviewed well... and with maybe a note card or two in pocket, they delivered time-appropriate speeches. While many may not medal, at least they'll hit their time and not lose points.

As for the essay, most people went with the "Was Tom Joad a moral man?" prompt. That could taken in either direction which is always fair. Almost no one took La Place's theory on the formation of the solar system (my choice). Or the ever sterling topic on groundwater. I am quite sure Sir Phillip would have not chosen that topic. Everyone knows his odd relationship with water.

The Pengoon, aka Le Conquistador, was quite happy and was fed fish. Miss Jill brought home tuna casserole last night and I heard our valiant penguin eating from the container. Hope Miss Jill doesn't mind penguin feathers in her tuna.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mary Jane Celebrates Baby Shower; Chip Stays Home

Mary Jane is heading off to a second baby shower this January. She originally went to one at her Aunt Patricia's house where lots of John's family and friends gathered to say Hello and play lots of dominoes. Dominoes? Go figure... I guess that's what grown-ups do.

So MJ is heading down with Mommy and Aunt Lisa to visit more friends and family on Miss Jill's side. All sorts of fun stuff to do there. Alas, Chip was not invited. Poor little Chip was locked up for much of the weekend so I kept gnawing at the cage to be free. Finally he was let out by Mister John as soon as Miss Jill and Aunt Lisa left for Lakewood.

So of course the first thing that Chip did was hop into the parental bedroom and awaken Cherry Bugg who then subsequently tried to bit his fur off as she chased him out of the room. And so it goes in the Erb household. Unfortunately for some of the rabbits, it's raining a bit today so they might not get much time to run about and play on the verdant field of yumminess which they call the back yard.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Phillip and Ruby Jane Visit MJ

Wild kingdom in the back yard today.

Cherry Bugg Thumps at Mary Jane

Poor Cherry Bugg needs patience. She was a bit upset earlier today at Mary Jane who went on a crying fit early in the afternoon.

Mister John wasn't sure which family member to console. He picked up MJ and then sat beside Chee and told her that this is a change in the family that she'll have to accept. She promises no head biting. That's only for Miss Jill when Chee get hungry at 3 in the morning.

Meanwhile MJ met some other bunnies in the back yard today. A video clip will be coming shortly

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daddy Returns to Grad School

Mister John aka Daddy is getting back into the educational swing tonight. Nothing quite says graduate school course in English like that of the Bard himself, William Shakespeare. This will be quite helpful as this would clearly aid in the Master's Examination. But someday... someday... to teach a class in this would be quite interesting. In one of those classes, you don't get students who don't want to be there. I mean, really, who would willingly choose a class in iambic pentameter is they're only interested in fashion or football (wow, that suits the Oregon Ducks team right there). Only students who would have academic aspirations would dare take such a class.

Anyway, back to the grad school grind indeed. Not sure what plays are on the docket but it will be fun. OK, I am foreseeing a 15 page paper or so and that might not be considered "fun" but bring it on anyway. Writing a paper with baby in sling. Or maybe a non-stop nighttime reading of Shakespeare to Mary Jane.

Ah, the best time of all "to be or not to be" a great parent.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grazing Bunnies on the Mar Vista Serengeti

Upon the Mar Vista Serengeti graze the fierce rabbits of Chez Erb. Quietly munching with ears ready to hear all those that dare chase them, mock them, or bite them on the butt.

Amazingly one brave cameraman sneaked into their territory and captured on film their silent munching.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year But Grass Is Still Yummy

While Mister John stayed indoors and watched college football (and Doctor Who reruns) for most of the day, the bunnies were in the back yard munching on incredibly green grass. The ten inches of rain that has fallen in the past two weeks has made the grass a most verdant colour. Root Beer Float, as you can see on the left, was quite happy to munch away in the northwest corner of the backyard.

Meanwhile Phillip hopped around and kept an eye on Mister John's weeding by the house.

Cherry Bugg and Chip stayed indoors to stay warm and keep an eye on Mary Jane. While Chip still isn't sure how to assess the Mary Jane quotient, he's at least not thumping in her presence. Good for Chip; it's his first step into becoming a man.