Monday, May 24, 2010

Chip Versus the Apple

Miss Jill sometimes forgets to take things out of her purse. While her wallet, keys, and makeup might be of no use to a hungry bunny, sometimes a nice juicy apple might hit the spot. Chip was wandering through the living room and then smelled a juicy apple. But not knowing where it was coming from, he scampered here, there, and everywhere for it. Miss Jill was aghast to see Chippers rummaging through her purse and then found the delicious apple. So he pulled it out and rolled it onto the ground before attacking here as seen in the photo.

I guess Chip never was told to remove the sticker off an apple before eating it. Unlike his more voracious sister Root Beer Float, Chip took his time and ate the majority of the apple over the course of a day. He clearly was the son of neither Flowers or Miss Bugg (or even Root Beer Float) who would have eaten the apple in under 30 minutes. Of course Flowers would have run some of the apple on the wood floor and lick up the taste of apple + wood floor later. Oh, that Flowers.

I guess if there is a message to be had from this: eat your fruit at work. Otherwise it is fair game to anyone at home.

On a related note, I accidentally brought a banana back from London and never ate it. The fruit sniffing dog stopped me and I had to spend an extra 30 minutes in customs. They even warned me that I should have been fined. For not eating fruit on the plane? Whatever... but Commute Bunny did mock me afterward. Oh, that singing bunny. Whatever will we do with her?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chip Watches Lakers Game with Mister John

Mister John sat in the den on Wednesday night and watched Game Two of the Western Conference Finals with his trusty rabbit Chip. Miss Jill tired of them watching the game in the living room so she could watch taped programming. Chip hopped into the other room with Mister John and stayed within three feet of him for the rest of the night. He hoppily watched the fourth quarter and never thumped or displayed a shaky foot. However, Chip did not like Mister John comparing the smaller Suns front and the Lakers larger front line to him and his more combative (and larger) sisters.

Meanwhile Mister John was munching on cantaloupe tonight and that really intrigued Chip. Maybe next time he will get a piece. But until then, maybe not.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cherry Bugg Relaxes on a Saturday

Typically Saturday is the day for Cherry Bugg to hop around the backyard. But today she's staying inside to hang out with Mister John. Occasionally she'll try to bully her nephew Chip but other than that, it's a slow day.

Miss Jill is not here at the moment which makes Cherry Bugg's life happier. She gets to flop on the other side of the bed and watch Shrek with Mister John.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Root Beer Float Inside for Medicine

Mister John brought in the Float again tonight for her nightly medicine. She doesn't like taking it as it cramps her style. But she does like flopping beside Miss Jill in bed. Afterward, she sat on Mister John's chest like she did as a small child. That's her Zen moment as she'll sit there and recollect about her day. Then she'll go back into her cage and deal with her precocious sister.

Rumor has it there might be a new cage in their future this summer. But no one has heard anything further than that.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Half a Lifetime Ago

Thanks to Bowler Bob who shot a picture my way of me when I was 19 and still wearing a watch. Wow, I think I gave up watches when I turned 21 or so (I know I stopped wearing them while at UCLA). Of course this is the ever-wonderful Bombshelter Deli and Burger Bar which no longer exists on the campus. That's ok, I'll get by with my sentimentality.

Anyway, nice legs and arm. Put a sword in my hand and I'd be Captain Morgan. Or at least Cap'n Crunch.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Someone Else Spotted with Mr. John's Lion Shirt

Last week in the Thrifty... er, SavOn... er, CVS, Mr. John saw someone else wearing his lion shirt as seen over there on the right. It's a special type of shirt -- Miss Jill explained it to him once when someone else inquired -- but he forgot to read that memo (he's not good at reading memos). So he thought like the highlander and knew that there could be only one (as you of course know, the Highlander is a documentary as said by Master Shake). Mister John has not summarily yakka'd this shirted impostor yet but he will. Oh, yes he will.

Meanwhile check out that Grand Canyon over there. Marvelous. Later in the day Saaby got stuck. Poor girl but she got better.

Anyway, back to your previously scheduled programming. Mister John and Miss Jill are dressing up tonight. And yes, they will feed the bunnies before they leave. If any blog post occurs during the evening, it is clearly a misguided fraud.