Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Must Be a Decathlon Conspiracy

For some reason, the majority of hits to this site are from Russia.  Is it a coincidence that Russia is this year's Decathlon topic?  Or are there just a lot of people interested in rabbits and little girls with great smiles?  It doesn't bother me... just pad the number to give me the fake impression that strangers are actually reading this.

Olympic Spirit

Mary Jane is into the Olympic spirit as she gets ready to compete for the 2032 Olympics when she's 21.  (Or 2024, if she's in gymnastics.) 

It's a good thing Daddy has some extra medals from the Academic Decathlon for her to wear.  This might not be like Ryan Locthe's all-American grill but that's good enough for MJ.

Doe, a Deer? A Female Deer?

Mommy, Betsy, Mary Jane, and a Deer
What about us?
Miss Jill and Mister John took their two splendiferous girls on a summer trip to northern Arizona for a little over a week.  After a brief stop in Lake Havasu City, they continued upward (to an altitude above 7,000 feet) to the Flagstaff area.  But before reaching there, they went a deer petting farm just off the 40 (and Route 66 for that matter).  There the girls were surrounded by a menagerie of animals.  Mostly deer, but a few other animals were found as well like the llamas in the picture on the right.  Always watch out for the llamas on the bus as they spit, spit, spit.

Silly Goat
Boy girls were still a bit under the weather so they didn't completely appreciate the animals around them.  Next year upon the next visit, the girls will be overwhelmed (happily hopefully) by all the creatures.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Doc Gives Cherry Bugg Clean Bill of Health

The Chee abides
Cherry Bugg was irritated this morning that Mister John was taking her to see the veterinarian about a small dental problem.  "I could still bite Miss Jill on the head," said the indignant bunny this morning.  She didn't but the threat always crosses her mind when Mister John and Miss Jill allow her to sleep in the bedroom with them.  For the time being though, she sleeps in the backyard ("with the peasants," as she puts it).

The doctor was very comforting in saying that Chee was quite healthy for someone of her age (eight years old is a bit more on the elder side for rabbits).  "What does he think I should be doing?  Playing shuffleboard?" she quipped at Mister John on the ride home afterward.  He didn't have a response for that but just kept facing forward lest he somehow provoke another comment from "the Chee and only" as she often refers to herself.

Later in the day she received a large amount of lettuce and graciously munched on that.  "No dental problem here," as she glared to any rabbit who would be watching.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Betsy's Holiday Wishes

Miss Betsy wished everyone to have an eventful Fourth of July as long as she was allowed to have some fruits, veggies, a couple bottles of formula, and a stroll outside with her big sister Mary Jane.  Other than that, she just wished that the fireworks would go off before 10pm.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Represent

Betsy Jo met some of her cousins today at Aunt Pat's.  From left to right: Ed, Larry/Tim, Gina, Garrett, Daddy, Betsy Jo, and Trevor.  Fun was had by all... including Betsy Jo.

Daddy Dogpile!!!

 Watch out, Daddy, the girls are coming to get you!  The middle picture looks like Betsy is going to pile-drive or do some sort of ridiculous wrestling maneuver.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back from Italy

Il Duomo
Mister John, aka Daddy, returned from Milan after a three night stay.  Not really much for him to add other than it was quite humid and he was egregiously lost on the first day.

The pasta was good, the street signs a disaster, and the maps worse.  But he'd go back again if given the chance.