Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Escape Artists!

Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane have watched The Great Escape too many times. They manage to find any possible way to sneak out of a cage, a box, or a trapped area. They remind me of those raptors in Jurrasic Park (except much cuter) in that they seemingly learn each time and situation. Smart smart bunnies.

In fact I believe that RBF is going to rewrite Hamlet in August. You go do that, rabbit.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bunny Update (By Popular Demand!)

Ruby Jane should be a parrot! She happily sits on my shoulder and looks about but never leaves. If I gave her a cracker, I bet she'd just chatter her teeth and say, "Bunny wants a carrot, you fool!" I hope she wouldn't call me a fool... that's what she'd do to my neighbor Pete.

Ruby Jane does sneeze occasionally though. Root Beer Float is much less of a "touch-me-not" type of rabbit and will actually lick your arms and face. Such a friendly bunny.

Cherry Bugg was a bit irritated today but she is quickly distracted by a good nose rub.

As for Phillip and Jane, they have each other and are often oblivious to people. However, Phillip does seem to be aggravated by the two new young ones.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July; or, "New" Car!

Yes, it was another yaer of me running in a 5K. And this time I finally finished in a shorter amount of time than Pete. Victory for me! I shall not relinquish this title. Maybe I should retire from running?

Meanwhile Jill and I also hosted the family over for the Fourth. Lots of hot dogs, other food, children, rabbits, and NO FIREWORKS. Thank goodness... those popping noises gets a little obnoxious after a while. Jill and I must be getting old; we went to bed at 9pm last night. We have seen plenty of fireworks in our life. We can see more next yaer.

And I have a brand old car! A 1989 Volvo which runs smoothly. Yea for me! Maybe I'll throw in a picture down the line.

Vocab quiz tomorrow: be prepared, sophomores!