Sunday, September 28, 2008

Suppsedly Neutral Human Caught Cuddling Candidate

Even more controversy has rocked the Bunny Election of 2008 when one Jill Erb was seen cuddling Cherry Bugg, a candidate for the top spot. While neither could be available for comment, others were quick to speak. "No rats!" was heard from a neutral dog Clifford. A supporter of Cherry Bugg, a coughing rabbit named Papa Bugg (admittedly a supporter of Cherry Bugg as well as her father) said, "That's fine and dandy but does anyone have any smokes?" Finally a cute looking Root Beer Float did not say of whom she would vote but rather curiously kept grazing on the grass only lifting her head to sneeze cutely for reporters.

Remember: Bunny Election Day is the same day as the one for those humans. Thump the vote!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Supporters of Cherry Bugg Try to Smear Princess Jane Before the Elections

Someone from the Cherry Bugg camp released a private photo between Phillip and Princess Jane trying to stir some controversy. Jane's camp immediately replied that what happens in the back yard between two consenting rabbits should remain that way. However, this as any surprising photo may change the minds of "simple stuffed animals in the house" one anonymous source said.

Meanwhile Cherry Bugg was seen trying to eat leaves off trees; the environmentalists were not happy.

The debates will begin this week. Possible topics: food shortages, indoor flop time, new human servants, the economy, and stinky butts. Both candidates will stand upon one dais but will be separated by a four foot wire fence in case they try to bite each other in the butt. No one ever said that rabbit politics was a friendly art or science. In fact it's more like a rabbit joust: two rabbits, one couch, lots of lunging with claws up!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catalina Bison Unsure About Vote

While most of the animal nation is pondering the all important question: Cherry Bugg or Princess Jane, one bison was wandering along in Catalina and wondering what all the fuss was about. "They're just rabbits, aren't they?" asked Benny the Bison. After later hearing it was Cherry Bugg and Princess Jane, he recanted, "Oh, that IS of great importance. I am still undecided." Then Benny chased a tourist.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Discussions Sweep Backyard over Upcoming Election

Bunnies were debating all over the backyard in regards to key issues that might change the future of rabbits on Dewey Street. Some were talking under the orange tree while other were flopping together on the sun-light grass. Even others were musing indoors on the cool feel of a polished wooden floor.

"I think it's all about the carrot economy," said an anonymous white rabbit with black spots and a curious orange discoloration under her chin. "I will choose the rabbit that gets me more carrots. And if that has to be Mr. John or Miss Jill than I might have to choose them.

Another rabbit with brown fur also added to the discussion, "I fear for my safety sometimes. I think others are out to get me and bite my butt. I really need a new leader who will protect me from that. I have a very sensitive fluffy tail.

While most of the day the discussions were civil, some arguments did arise over which rabbit would get the most food and which rabbits would get to run around on Sunday. Furthermore, indoor visitation rights in the winter also seem tantamount. Ultimately the rabbits thumped, flopped, ate dead leaves, and promised to resume discussion next Sunday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jane v. Cherry Bugg in the Bunny Election Rematch

With November approaching and Election Day so close at hand, the matter is getting quite tense here on Dewey Street. Jane, the unquestioned monarch of the back yard for the past six years, is suddenly being challenged to an election by the precocious Cherry Bugg. While Jane believes in divine right of rabbits, Cherry Bugg thinks that all animals should be able to vote for their rulers. (Never mind the fact that they would probably vote off my wife Jill as she rarely feeds them and they would rather replace her with a self-serve grain stand. I, however, would not like to be married to a self-serve grain stand.)

Considering that we do have five rabbits, this election is up for grabs. However, since Jane's mate is Phillip, he will most probably vote for her. Besides, he does not get along well with Cherry Bugg as they tend to fight.

So this means that Ruby Jane and Root Beer Float -- clearly two independent voters with a voting history as scatter-shot as a drunk possum with a pellet gun -- may decide who the winner of the Bunny Election will be.

It has been rumored that ALL animals within the household get a vote so our stuffed animals may also get to decide. Clifford, TV Turtle, Mama Bugg, Papa Bugg, Sharky, Pedro, Trumpet, and even Tan Chihuahua all may get a say in this all-important event.

Hopefully, there will not be a recall on this year's election as Jill and I would prefer to stay in this house for the time being.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Back after the Summer Respite

Sorry for the delays.

School has begun again for Mr. Erb and the WOME is happily back to her wedding planner ways.

In August she and I went to the Grand Canyon and hiked all around it. No pics currently but I do believe she downloaded some. As soon as I get some of those, I shall put them on the site. Furthermore we trekked through many a mudpile at 7,000 feet above sea level. Odd thing about Arizona: they receive all their rain in August. Especially northern Arizona. It just came down everywhere!

Later on we did make it to Sedona for a good ol' fashioned jeep ride amidst the relaxation there. Nothing like having not a care in the world and just watching random Olympic events and worrying about what you'll have with your dinner.

Alas, it is school time again for me so the sophomoric minions are back. They seem to be a nice lot this year but we'll see. Hopefully none of them thump like my rabbits. Oh, those rabbits!!! I'll save that for another post.

Until then.