Monday, November 10, 2008

Controversial Decision Awaits Bunny Election

After all the votes have been tallied, the Bunny Election of 2008 resulted in a TIE! Both the camps of Cherry Bugg and Princess Jane were outraged that the electorate could not decide upon the more deserving rabbit. Unfortunately there is nothing in the local constitution that provides a more definitive roadmap in case of electorate tying.

Quite possibly all of the indoor animals (Clifford, TV Turtle, Sharkey, etc) might get their own vote. Or there might just be a split leadership. Considering Princess Jane and Cherry Bugg do not seem to get along well, this might be a difficult decision.

Clearly there will be a recount. Hopefully cooler heads and lucky feet will prevail.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Turnout on Bunny Election Day

A long line of rabbits and inside animals queued up this afternoon for the all-important election between Cherry Bugg and Princess Jane. While the exit polling was scattered at best, the clear topic of consideration was food. Which rabbit will give the most food to the animals? "I want more tuna!" one anonymous voter said before he swam off and almost bit another animal.

Mister John and Miss Jill were not around to keep an eye on election fraud. They kept Clifford the Big Red Dog in charge. He was quoted as saying, "No potty on the bed" whatever that means.

Ensure your vote counts: get it in by 11:00pm.