Monday, March 26, 2007

Re: Final Four and HS Poetry

Woohoo! The Bruins knocked off the Jayhawks and on to the Final Four go the merry band of the blue and gold. And I knew that season tickets would do me good some day; I managed to get tickets to the Final Four again this season. To use a line from Commute Bunny, "Damn straight!" I need to talk to CB about her language.

So I better type up the rest of the Quarter Exams for my sophomores tonight before I get too tired. Oh, like they'll remember who wrote "Ozymandias." That and "The Second Coming" are the only two poems I recall from my junior year in high school. I don't know what my other Loyola contingent recall, but my memory is a bit Swiss-cheesed and it's only getting cheesier (at least that's what Jill says about my attire).

I am Mr. Erb, King of Kings, look on my works, ye Mighty and despair!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Corn Dogs

Cherry Bugg used the corn dog today and told me to let her out. Odd girl indeed. As long as she goes back into her cage before the UCLA game, I'll be OK with her wandering.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Silent Tuesdays (for him)

OK, I'm new to this so I guess I'll just follow up with what Jill said on her blog, or as I guess I should say, blogged. I don't mind the Silent Tuesdays at all as it gives me time to read whatever magazines have come in over the weekend (eek, my Time subscription has expired!), the sports page, and the crosswords from the Sunday times. Yes, today I managed to finish both the LA Times Sunday crosswords. Aren't I special? Yeah, whatever.

I guess this website eschews all underlining. My only two options are bolding and italicizing. I wonder what the MLA will have to say about that! Then again who even reads the MLA handbook other than crazed English teachers with nothing better to do than read about citing sources and completing crossword puzzles. Darn, that's me.

Ooh, there's a spell-check on this thingie. Yes, thingie. I stick to the highbrow words.

Where was I anyway? Oh yeah, Tuesdays. There really isn't anything for me to watch on Tuesday nights anyway. Then again if there were, that's why I have DVR. Tape it all, baby!
Of course this raises a question in my head: who is going to read this? I guess you are.

Silent Tuesdays

I read about a couple that swore of television for their first year of marriage. They had some idea that a life without television would bring them closer.

I loved believing that I was that person- Someone that can live without television. Someone that doesn't know what's happening on Grey's Anatomy or who's on Oprah. Someone who couldn't tell you who Rachel Ray was, let alone what EVOO was......

But, alas, I am a TV person. I enjoy "my shows".

Back to the couple w/o TV. I liked the idea. I liked it so much that several weeks ago, I proposed to John that we have a TV-free night. So, Tuesday nights in the Erb (Erb and Kendall-Erb) household are television free nights.

The first Silent Tuesday was a little creepy. John and I assumed our familiar positions on the couch and stared at the TV. We weren't quiet sure how to progress in a silent house. What should we do? What should we say? It was very quiet. No television was awkward. It wasn't so much awkward between John and myself but rather awkward to live in a stimulus-free house.

Fast forward six or so weeks.....It's Silent Tuesday and we love it. We've learned to lounge more on Tuesday nights. Read more on Tuesday nights. Catch up on email on Tuesday nights. And now we'll make blogging part of our Tuesday nights. We've tried to keep Silent Tuesday from becoming dreaded-catch-up-on-chores Tuesday. Instead, we just slow down and enjoy the silence.

Best of all, it brings me back to a simple feeling. Without television, it seems like the nights are longer. And don't we always ask where time goes? Well, turn off your TV and you'll find that lost time.