Monday, January 16, 2012

Mary Jane Learns a Lesson in Charity

Mary Jane was initially unwilling to give up her precious apple to Cherry Bugg even though the bunny hopped all through the den and living room just waiting for that one moment when Mary Jane might drop the apple.  She never did until this point when MJ felt enough sympathy for the bunny to let her have it. 

Too bad this video is extremely blurry.  But as director Billy Wilder once said, "Johnny, keep it out of focus.  I want to win the best foreign picture award."

The Happy Eater

"Give me more food," says Mary Jane.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mary Jane Stays Up Late

For some reason Mary Jane decided not to sleep early tonight.  She kept waking up and making all sorts of random noises and words.  With either the chants of "Momma" or "Up" from the other room, Daddy had to go in and pick her up.  Then she'd lift his shirt and say Baboo!  (That means Belly Button)

Silly Mary Jane.  Singing when she should be sleeping!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to School

Mister John has to go back to his teaching tomorrow morning.  His three weeks of bonding with his wife and two daughters is over now.  Hmm... replacing two infants with 125 sophomores.  Yuck.  At least he doesn't have to change diapers during the day.

He did have to change litter pans for the rabbits tonight though.  Cherry Bugg was quite put out when he moved her out of the way.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cherry Bugg on the Loose Today

A picture from almost a year ago.  At this point in time Mary Jane would be chasing her.
Cherry Bugg had a day to hop and be free this afternoon.  While this is not always the best time of the year for the rabbits (shorter days mean shorter times out), there is one major plus: oranges.  The orange tree is ready to produce right now so every day Mister John grabs an orange and opens it up, leaving it on the ground.  The rabbits love the taste of fresh orange.  So does Mary Jane who has also been know to walk over and steal the orange slices from the rabbits.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rabbits Try and Dig Hole to Korea

The rabbits are still quite angry that so much attention has been given to Mary Jane and Betsy Jo (and not to them!) that they are undertaking a massive digging project.  According to an unnamed source, three rabbits are plotting to dig all the way to the other side of the world -- which they believe is Korea -- so they can sneak Mary Jane back there.  Alas, this is wrong on many counts.  North/South Korea is not on the opposite side of the world as Dewey Street.  Furthermore, Mary Jane was born in Victorville.  And honestly as her father, that kind of insults Mister John that the rabbits have such a lack of geographical knowledge and care for a little girl who some day will be in charge of feeding them.  One must respect those who will ultimately be in authority over you.

Mister John has already filled a brick into that whole which seemingly has perturbed at least one rabbit.  A particular brown furred rabbit sniffed at and hopped away from the brick with a great deal of disdain.  While no rabbit has claimed responsibility for this whole, Mister John checked Phillip and Root Beer Float -- who both have predominantly white fur -- and witnessed no dirt marks on either their fur or their claws.  Ruby Jane, the self-proclaimed "Brown Bear" denied any digging of the hole and did not want to be subjected to any sort of spot check.

Miss Jill has stayed away from all of this conflict by saying it's not within her purview to make a comment.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Extra Pictures from Christmas

 Nothing quite like going back and downloading all sorts of pictures onto the computer.  Since we use two cameras: the small pocket camera and the "good" camera, they don't always get downloaded at the same time.  In fact, sometimes it's a matter of finding the right connecting cord.  Yeah, hate it when that happens... have a great photo and then can't find the right cord.

Anyway, here are some great photos to enjoy as well.  Yes, many are on Facebook but somehow these come with just a little more personality.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

To No Avail

 Alas, after a long hard-fought season, the Spanish Inquisition lost in the championship game tonight.  I'm still stuck at three titles and haven't won one since 2006.  Argh... three lost titles since then.  At least I have a cool shirt to show off my team name.

And I do have to give mad props to Matthew Stafford, QB of your Detroit Lions, who represented in a big way today.  It wasn't enough but I shall officially re-christen him Beowulf.

Bowling for Grampa

Where's the 16-pound fingertip grip?
 Yesterday the Erb family went out and bowled for Grampa's 79th birthday.  All had fun including Mary Jane who was checking out the bowling balls.  Afterward, Daddy was holding Mary Jane and Betsy Jo at a restaurant.

More exciting information later.