Saturday, February 22, 2014


Mary Jane has not always been the best of nappers.  Some days she'll just sit there, read books, sing, and lie in her bed for 90 minutes and then come out and act like she's napped.  But oh, Mommy and Daddy know she has not napped.  There's just that crispness of spirit and patience that a napping girl has.  But that's quite alright... sooner or later she'll drop that nap anyway.

But today Daddy decided to take control of the situation.  He lied down beside Mary Jane and they both fell asleep.  Silly girl never had a chance.  Well, Daddy doesn't know how long has was asleep before this sneaky picture was taken by Mommy.

Note: Daddy is being covered by Mary Jane's favorite elephant Sanjay.  He's in charge of making sure she gets to sleep.  Good ol' Sanjay.  One of the guys.

Denny's or a Park?

Here Betsy is looking quite bored.  She's either at a local park or she at the nearest Denny's waiting for her Grand Slam to arrive.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bunnies Unhappy That Children Get More Attention Than Them

The bunnies are furious that the children get to sleep in Miss Jill and Mister John's bed and not them.  They want their warm TV time as well and they don't seem to be getting any.  They feel like they are literally left out in the cold with mere food and water.  Even that gift of a Purple Castle in both cages seems fleeting.  "Where's my apple cider?" queried a quite irritated Cookie Sue.

No responses yet from the adults.
The bunnies wish the girls could spend a day like them.