Friday, July 29, 2011

Eventful Week

Mary Jane has had a most impressive week at Chez Erb. For the past few weeks, she has been dabbling in the dark arts known as crawling. Her efforts were truly half-hearted as she would crawl for a step, lunge for a step, and then raise herself up before wiggling for another step. But now she can get from A to B in a strong (usually) straight-lined crawl.

Not only that but she also has learned her first mimicked hand gesture. She now raises her hands in glorious triumph knowing that we will cheer in response. Ah, first she raises the roof, then what?

Touchdown indeed!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Much Better Nap

Hmm... over an hour of sleep is much better for Mary Jane. It cuts back on being a Miss Fussypants.

And that hair sure does stand up. Someone must have rubbed a balloon against her head!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sleepless in Mar Vista

Someone in the family isn't sleeping well again so Daddy is lying beside the now sleeping/cranky one in the family bed. The poor girl had a rough time of it. Hopefully she keeps up the snoozing.

Hungry Girl Finally Naps

Mary Jane fussed for much of this morning but finally has taken a substantial nap. But is that related to Ruby Jane and Root Beer Float being in the house? Hmm... there are no coincidences.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Battle of the Carrot: Mary Jane v. Chip

The mornings provide the most entertainment in regards to Chip/Mary Jane interaction. Chip is wont to sit in the "tropical island" in the living room that has lots of flashing lights on the top of it. Of course if he accidentally bumps the side, any number of children's songs will play. But nevermind that, he loves resting on it. Meanwhile that little bit of heaven is Mary Jane's focal point in the living room. Every time she fashions a long crawling trek, she starts from that location. The cushiony bottom does hinder her scooting/crawling ability but as she as she gets to the wood floor... zoom!

So this morning was a little different as Mary Jane somehow made it into the kitchen. Methinks Miss Jill (aka Mommy) air-dropped MJ into the kitchen but let's not probe too deeply into such metaphysical musings. Anyway, MJ and Chip were both in the kitchen and Miss Jill fed Chip a carrot. Oh, good ol' Chip needs his almost daily carrot (if he had carrots too often, he'd get an orange chip and orange bottom but let's not go there). As the picture on the left shows, Chip is trying to eat his carrot calmly without any territorial griping from Cherry Bugg (his aunt and ultimate nemesis) when Mary Jane appears.

Now Mary Jane and Chip get along quite well. Let's not recall that mini head-slap she gave Chip a few days back. He's still dutifully fond of her and sleeps beside her crib every night (in a real coincidental bit of timing, Daddy just tripped over Chip as he went to check out why MJ let out a few mild cries). But when it comes to carrots... or at least shiny orange things, MJ is just as intrigued as that intrepid boy rabbit who wishes he were a man. Or at least an adult rabbit.

Mary Jane sees the carrot and then grabs it away from the bewildered Chip. How dare she do such a thing, he must wonder. Naturally MJ tries to a bite of it herself but with only two teeth... only a long gumming ensues. Chip is still aghast and wishes to complain to the management. Poor Chip, this final photo shows Mary Jane holding the carrot hostage with her right hand and Chip with no alternative but to hop away and beg for a carrot some other day. Oh, some day, little Chip, you too can become an adult rabbit. But not when little 7 month old girls can take carrots from you. It's not like taking candy from a baby but rather like a baby taking candy from a rabbit.

Scooting Through the Back Yard

Mary Jane loves to get from here to there. In fact in the picture to the left, she scooted ten feet to try and catch Phillip. Well, not really to catch Phillip, but to move next to him and ask him for the fifth race at Del Mar this afternoon. OK, maybe not.

MJ moves quite well on the grass. And she has a much lower chance of head-butting the grass and feeling sore like she does on the wood floor inside. But she's quite the sturdy girl who feels no pain and crawls on. Good for her!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Misunderstood Woman in Rabbit History

For some reason the rabbits thought that Mary Jane Erb, the original and not the little girl in the house currently, was the original conspirator against the rabbits of Mar Vista. This was untrue but certain rabbits like Easter, Carmel, Herbie, Pete, and Shirley all thought she never delivered food to them with an adequate smile. Now look at that smile, rabbits, isn't that a classic bunny feeding smile?

Meanwhile Chip is getting a bit afraid of the Mary Jane on the right. She pulled/crawled her way to him this morning and as he looked up, she excitedly swatted him on the nose. He felt confused and then hopped away. But how can bunnies not like a happy smiling Mary Jane? Then again they seem to have it out for Miss Jill as well.

The psychoanalytic rabbits out there would say that Mister John married someone who was just like his mother. Too bad, he loves them both.

Family Survives Carmageddon

Although Mr. John and Miss Jill drove their MJ down to Orange County for an adventure, traffic did not arise as a problem. Wide open roads on the Westside. Monty, the family car, was quite appreciative.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dodgers Do Well in All-Star Game

While the Dodgers may be scuffling to stay out of last place (thank you, Padres), at least their three All-Stars came through tonight. Kemp and Ethier both came up with hits and Ethier had an RBI as well. Meanwhile Kershaw pitched a clean inning with one strike out.

It might be a long painful season for Mister John but at least tonight was a brief reprieve from the madness. It also helps to have a cute little girl smiling at you every day. That overwhelms any need to check the box scores every morning.

Hanging with Paul

Mary Jane was a bit cranky this morning so Daddy knew what would improve her demeanor: some panda time! Her favorite stuffed animal is Paul the Panda. He was originally a Christmas present given to the family by the Phoenix Children's Hospital while Mary Jane was suffering from RSV. She received many gifts over those few days (poor girl was in there on Christmas Eve through the 27th). Paul the Panda has quickly elevated to the favorite animal status. She tackles him every time he is introduced. Sometimes it looks like she's even trying to suck on his nose.

"Dude, she tackles me so hard I, like, hurt my neck, man," said Paul this morning. He's quite a chill panda; not your average high-strung panda. He does crave bamboo like all pandas but Mary Jane doesn't know any dietary concerns of animals. Considering pandas are endangered species, I shouldn't even mention that we have a panda at home right now. But Paul is a good soul and gets along with the other animals. He does have conflicts with Max the Monkey because Paul loses his patience with the monkey from time to time.

Mary Jane actually napped in her parents' bed this morning. She laid down beside her dear ol' dad during "panda time" and then she was out for about 40 minutes. Good for you, Mary Jane! Everyone needs their "panda time" to get to sleep.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Carmageddon Is Coming!

Ooh, nothing like the end of the traffic world! Since we live less than two miles from the 405/10 interchange (where it will be closed!), we'll get to see how badly traffic backs up.

Do note that's an old picture of the 405. The carpool lane has long since been installed through that section but it is only a few miles from Chez Erb.

Coming Soon: Rabbit Sonnets

Yes, Mister John is going to tackle a new literary endeavor this summer: the rabbit sonnet! You're thinking to yourself, "Self, that is daft! Besides, how many words rhyme with carrot?"

Fourteen lines. Iambic pentameter. An occasional volta. Bring it on, I say!

Another Week with Daddy

Some day Mary Jane will say, "Daddy, you have never spent a summer with me." Au contraire! Her first summer will be with me. She gets some nap time (30 minutes is pretty much her average, sigh) and plenty of floor time with me. She crawled up to eight feet to get to me today. OK, it was a partial crawl, partial pull the body.

Chip did come by and say Hello as well. He really does care for Mary Jane's well being. Not that the other bunnies don't but he spends a lot more time around her and making sure that she keeps an eye on him.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Visit for MJ and the Bunnies

Mary Jane was visited by Aunt Pat, Uncle Brent, Grampa, and her cousins Garrett and Trevor this evening. Nothing quite like the giggling bundle of energy that Mary Jane has become. She is soooo close to crawling. Right now it's more of a slow scoot followed by fits and starts to get in a particular direction. She's also close to sitting up by herself but she still needs a bit of help as the picture on the right can attest. Not to worry, Mary Jane will be quite strong soon enough to do all the sitting up and crawling that she needs. Of course that means that Mommy and Daddy will have to be on major alert for all of that.

The bunnies were also visited as Chip was quickly collected in the back yard and brought in for pictures. Garrett is holding Chip while Daddy (aka Mister John) holds Mary Jane. She was a tad bit grumpy but after the whole family took a walk around the block -- people must have thought we were a religious group -- Mary Jane calmed down a bit and was her typically cheery self. While MJ has seen Aunt Pat many times, it has been a while and that precious little girl is quite leery of anyone other than Mommy, Daddy, or the nanny Maggie from holding her.

Later on the family celebrated the evening with Tito's Tacos. Later on Garrett and Trevor fought over the hammock. Quite a typical occurrence as they seem to fight over everything. Alas, neither of them did their share in rounding up the rabbits this evening. Cherry Bugg was not amused by them. Then again not much amuses Cherry Bugg so that will be left alone.

Finally, Daddy aka Mister John had a picture taken with his father. It was a good head shot of the two of them and thus makes the blog post. Mary Jane fell asleep by 7pm and it's onto the next day.

MJ in Print!

It might look small but by her 7th month day, she's looking proud in the local parish bulletin. Mommy and Daddy are also representing in the photo as well.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Not an Early Sleeper

Alas, Mary Jane decided to stay up an extra 90 minutes tonight. Mommy and Daddy had to suck it up and go to option z: drive! So that was about 40 minutes of seeing the sites... and finally... Mary Jane went to sleep.

After that I think Mommy passed out on the bed and Daddy watched the brand new episode of Torchwood. It had been two years or so... about time! BBC shows seem to go on their own clock.

Oh well, time for Daddy to highlight more Decathlon materials.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy after Another Swim

Mary Jane was a bit concerned about the dunking part but other than that, she was a very pleasant girl. Daddy was quite pleased on such a humid morning to get back into the pool. Splash about!

Daddy later took Mary Jane for a three mile run during cross country practice.

Now at 7:30 Mary Jane is asleep and Daddy awoke from a short nap. Good for him!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Rabbits Thump at Fireworks

More info later but bunnies, like dogs, cannot stand all this idiotic popping.

John Runs Slow 5k Time; Blames It on Long Shorts

Another Independence Day, another 5K run in the Palisades. For some reason Mister John has been doing that for quite a while. Whether or not he improves is up for debate. However this year he clocked in at a tad over 30 mintues which is a bit slow for him. Oh well... just because TV Turtle could run that with a crisp breeze means very little.

Pete and Lillian (as seen to the right) both ran the race as well. Pete, much like John, changed shirts as not to display his ID#. Oddly enough they had the same four digits but the second and third were transposed. Go figure.

Maybe next year John will bust out the short shorts circa 1985 John Stockton. But that would freak out his wife and his little girl... and possibly most of Mar Vista. Some legs are just not meant to be seen. Idolized, maybe, but never seen.

Happy Girl Swims on the Fourth

Mary Jane has a new profound love for swimming. After taking two classes in the past week, she swam like a fish out at her Aunt Lisa's this past week. Nevermind the 116 degree temperatures, Mary Jane was a swimming fiend! Nothing quite like a big smile as she kicked and splashed her way around the pool. Mommy and Daddy were quite happy as well.

Mary Jane begged to go swimming today so Mommy and Daddy decided to head over to the LMU pool and give her another chance. Oh, such a lovely splashing girl. Mommy swam with her everywhere; Daddy was working on his tan. It's a bit farmer-like so he needs to even it out.