Thursday, January 24, 2013


84-73.  Go Bruins.

Heidi is out and about.  She is happy as well.

Monday, January 21, 2013

No Parade for Phillip's Re-Inauguration

Very little celebrating happened on Dewey Street this weekend as Prince Phillip was "reinaugurated" for another term.  The whole word irritates Phillips as he says that princes are not reinaugurated but rather reassure others of their sovereign rule of the land.  Everyone knows of the "divine right of rabbits" and that's just the way it is.

Ruby Jane did not run against him the Bunny Elections in November 2012, as many had thought.  The former rivals are much more amicable these days and share many ideas over blades of grass and orange slices.  There is also one agreement that has united the divided rabbit coalitions since the last election: Mary Jane and Betsy, the two new potential usurpers to the throne.

Mary Jane was born shortly after the previous two-year election cycle started.  Potential human usurpers wasn't even a topic in the previous election debates.  It was only food, water, free time, and airplane noise.  All the rabbits thought that Mister John and Miss Jill were perfectly happy to let their back yard be ruled by long-eared, fluffy tailed overseers.  Alas, that did not seem the case as Mary Jane (and later Betsy) arrived to chase, grab, and laugh at the noble rabbit line.  They felt completely humiliated by little children who couldn't even wipe their noses after sneezing.

"I'm thumping mad," said Ruby Jane.  "No way two little girls -- no matter how cute they are -- are gonna chase us off our lands."

Heidi and Cookie Sue, relative newcomers to the Erb household, really didn't have much of an opinion as their major concern is just food.

Prince Phillip in royal pose.
As for Mister John, he is trying to stay independent of the whole situation.  "It ain't my thing right now," says Mister John, as he types up more Decathlon notes.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Bunnies Are Serious in the New Year

Only two days into the New Year and the bunnies are already trying to push Daddy over their cliff.  In a surprise act of defiance, Cookie Sue listened to her elder statesbunnies and decided to act accordingly.  After spending a supposedly benign night in the bedroom of Mister John and Miss Jill, she sneaked to the phone jack and went potty over it and shorted out a cord.  Luckily Mister John found some time in the afternoon to find an extra phone cord in the garage.  Otherwise disaster would have struck without phone service and the girls would have fallen over like London Bridge!