Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Ireland Photos

Because we can. On the right is a photo of dear ol' me (John) standing inside a castle prison cell. At least there is a great view of Caher from there. But still a prison with a great view... is a classroom? Anyway, many castles in Ireland to see. It does amaze me that the Irish had to build all these castles initially to fight off the Vikings and then the scourge of Oliver Cromwell.

Part of me wishes we could grab Oliver Cromwell, take him to the 21st Century (or maybe just the 20th when things got real testy in Ireland) and say, "Look at this wonderful thing you created. Are you proud of yourself?" Then again, knowing Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan self-righteousness, he would have said, "Aye." Then Commute Bunny could have sung his kneecaps off.

Meanwhile, there's a wonderful picture of me chilling on a park bench with my UCLA ski cap. Nothing reprezents UCLA quite like a ski cap.

Finally, here's a picture of us riding on the back of a carriage on our way to a lake/waterfall in Killarney. Never mind that the signs totally took us away from the park and we somehow fortuitously made it to the park we so desired to reach. Meanwhile some local shopkeep lady insisted that we visit the local castle which was "right next" to the park. Right next being a completely different road and many many kilometres!!! Argh. Anyway, more pictures and comments to come.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Final Four Day!

It's finally here. Time for the Bruins to claim what is rightfully theirs.
I gave the bunnies enough carrots to hold them over for a few hours. Sometimes they thump when I scream for victory. Silly bunnies, they should know better.