Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bunnicula and Fang

Twas a scary night on Dewey Street. Instead of the lovely Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane who usually guard the front door during Halloween, they were replaced by the unruly Bunnicula and Fang. In the picture to the left, Bunnicula is seen staring straight ahead before devouring another carrot. Fang is sitting in the potty and hides behind the sign.

For Halloween, a total of 62 trick-or-treaters showed up at Chez Erb before the doors were shut down to no more candy. Currently, Bunnicula and Fang have been released in the house but they are behaving much tamer. Much more like a Root Beer Float and a Ruby Jane that I know.

Meanwhile Miss Jill wants a PowerPoint spreadsheet from Mister John considering all the children who showed up tonight. Rarely does Chez Erb shut down so early but too many children tonight... oh well, get here early if you want food. We could give the children carrots but that would upset the vicious vampire rabbits.

Will the Vampire Bunnies Return?

Coming to a trick-or-treater nearest you...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, Monday... Can Test That Day

Five periods of giving tests for Mister John. That's ok, at least he gets to grade the previous class for the next period.

Alas, no pictures of bunnies on this test. Thump, indeed.

Here's a picture just to make everyone on the blogosphere happy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chee Emulates a Bunny on the Head!

Unbeknownst to Mister John, a certain Cherry Bugg hopped onto the top of the bed last night and commandeered his pillow. Typically she will sleep at the foot of their bed and sometimes on the bed, again at their feet. But occasionally she will sleep at the top. In those occurrences, she is apt to bite Miss Jill on the top of the head. Why? Maybe a movement by the sleeping Miss Jill startles her? Or maybe she just like to skull bite? She never bites Mister John on the head because he is intolerant of such things and would give her an immediate detention back to her outside cage.

But on this night (early morning?), there is the Chee trying to claim the high ground of the bed. Clearly Miss Jill (or one of the Guys?) was awake though to take this great portrait of the inquisitive Chee and the sleeping Mister John. And methinks he needs a shave.

Sweet dreams to all.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clifford in Your Face!

Sometimes in our household, one of us might oversleep the alarm in the morning. And when that happens, our wake up dog gets into action. Clifford, known as the Bunny Stopper, is also our Alarm Dog. Like this morning Miss Jill was sleeping in way too long so the Alarm Dog sprung into action.

"Woof," he cried aloud, "Wake up. Woof!" Nothing like a big red dog in your face at 6am. At least he's very courteous and licks your face afterward. Good for you, Clifford.

In other news regarding the Guys, TV Turtle doesn't wake you up but occasionally sneaks up on in the middle of the night just to see/smell if you had fish the previous evening. Sometimes if Mister John is feeling saucy, he'll whisper into TV Turtle's ear before he sleeps, "Miss Jill had salmon tonight." And then around 2am he'll sneak up on her and see if she has any more salmon. Oh, that silly turtle.

As for rabbit news, Cherry Bugg bossed Chip around again today but that's older news than Reggie Bush cheated and Barry Bonds used steroids.

Rainy But Tolerable

The rain has fallen intermittently the last few days. Typically in October rain is desired as the grass is mostly brown with a hint of decay. But now with the persistent heavy sweat of almost rain for the past week, the sprinklers might be held at bay for at least six months. The bunnies have mixed emotions about this. Rain keeps them in their cages (except for Root Beer Float who does not fear mud) yet the rain brings more green grass to munch. Oh, the injustices of weather...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Cooler Week Ahead for All

Last Monday was more than abnormally hot; it was infernally hot. In downtown Los Angeles, it reached 113 degrees before the thermometer broke. (Actually the "Downtown LA" thermometer is now located at U$C so it was undoubtedly stolen by either a drunk student or a local mercury thief.) In San Pedro where Mister John works, the temperature was unofficially 110. Out in Duarte, the land of City of Hope and Miss Jill, it reached even higher. According to Monty, the couple's new Volvo, it was supposedly 120F out there in the warmer climes of the San Gabriel Valley. Miss Jill was lucky that Monty's tires didn't melt off.

Meanwhile the bunnies felt the heat in Mar Vista as well. It reached a record 102F in the normally cool Westside municipality. Miss Jill got home early to give the bunnies a nice cool sprinkler shower. And Chip and Cherry Bugg, the current indoor denizens, were both doused under the sink for a spectacularly cool bath. Typically they despise baths... but when the thermometer reaches 100... and Monty says it's 120... smile and take the bath.

Oddly enough Mister John ran with his students in cross country practice that afternoon. It is much cooler down by the ocean after all.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bruins Win, Mister John Happy

It wasn't easy... but UCLA is actually 3-2. Connie is a happy wrestling bear as well.

Meanwhile Cherry Bugg and Chip are both cohabiting in the den right now. The Chee hasn't gone uber-angry at Chip yet.

Miss Jill Evens Out Mister John's Ears

Mister John and Miss Jill are quite anxious as they await their phone to ring. But as it is not ringing, she decided to cut his hair. Nothing quite eases tension like shorn locks.