Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It's the time of the year where all rabbits convene and talk about what they are thumpful. Some rabbits like Jane are thumpful because they do not have enough free time or are seemingly surrounded by petty proletarian rabbits. Phillip is thumpful because he does not get to spend enough time with the other pretty female rabbits. And he is thumpful of the hose. Cherry Bugg is thumpful for being hungry, not being petted behind the ears (just right), and living in the same back yard as two young giggling female rabbits. Root Beer Float is thumpful because her sneezing makes her whiskers messy. However, she is appreciative of the medication we give her. And as for Ruby Jane, she's thumpful for being touched, not being fed, and sometimes for just talking to her. So in total, the bunnies are thumpful for many things.
Hopefully Jill is not too thumpful with me.

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