Saturday, February 9, 2008

Voter Fraud in Tuesday's Rabbit Elections?

Controversy racked the back yard on Dewey Street this week when it was alledged that there might have been voter fraud regarding the Jane/Cherry Bugg contest for rabbit supremacy. Officially the tally came out in favor of Jane: 8-6. However, a recount was asked for by Cherry Bugg's campaign officials and it was discovered that Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane did not vote in the election. At first it was thought that these two precocious youths just voted for themselves but RBF was later heard to say, "Achoo!" in regards to the whole election process.

Jane remains adamant that she won a fair election. However, Cherry Bugg claims that in the recount, she won by a margin of 108-2. Jane has questioned the validity of that claim; especially since Clifford said that he remembered voting for Jane because she has a strong policy against going "potty on the bed." Cherry Bugg declined to comment.

While Jane tends to view her rule more by divine right than people's opinions, she will gladly take the result of her supreme power over all those she surveys.

Miss Jill and Mr. John have no opinion on such matters. They leave the rabbits to rule themselves.

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