Monday, January 5, 2009

A Brief History of Flowers and Miss Bugg

Now that Miss Jill and I have a scanner, we realized that we cannot have a Bugg blog site without the two initials monarchs of the Bugg realm: Flowers and Miss Bugg.

On Valentine's Day in 2002, I adopted Flowers (left) and gave him to Miss Jill as a present. When I went to the pet store in South Pasadena that day, all the other bunnies were disinterested but not my Flowers! He hopped to the edge, looked up at me, and asked me if I had any food. How precocious! So I selected him as the first member of the Mister John/Miss Jill collective.
Miss Jill gushed with happiness but was unsure as she had never been rewarded with a rabbit before. So Miss Jill decided that Flowers should have a partner. We returned to the pet store and selected his sister, an even more precocious girl by the name of Miss Bugg (right). At first we thought that Flowers was a girl but as the vet later told us, Flowers was just hiding his wares.
Cherry Bugg is the younger sister of Flowers and Miss Bugg. Root Beer Float (RBF) and Ruby Jane are nieces, as they are the children of Root Beer Bugg who is currently touring through Europe on a hopping tour. We are currently looking for Root Beer Junior in case you find him anywhere.

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