Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Edition to the Erb Household!!!

Chip is here! One of the long lost children of Root Beer Bugg has found his way to Dewey Street! Root Beer, Jr., who goes by Chip has been here for a few days. He does not have a picture yet as Miss Jill has not downloaded anything this week.

Chip is definitely a "chocolate chip off the old block" and he is a hungry little guy. He already has figured out that hopping up onto the couch is a good thing, loves nose rubs, and will eat anything placed in front of him (including Mr. John's shoe).

Hopefully, he is kept aloof from the politics of the backyard. While that whole bi-party commotion in the back yard has kept it rabbit versus rabbit, the beloved Chip seems too happy for such things.

We'll have more on Chip in the upcoming days.

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