Monday, January 11, 2010

Miss Bugg and Flowers Remind Sister To Behave

Miss Bugg and Flowers, the older siblings of Cherry Bugg, have reminded her repeatedly in e-mails to lighten up on the rest of their family. According to Flowers, "You have bitten our nephew and nieces on the butt one too many times. If you keep that up, Mr. John and Miss Jill might not give you as many apple slices. Those taste really nice on a wood floor if you mix in some water with that as well."

Cherry Bugg responded with her typical defiance. "Impudence! Subterfuge!" With a bit of a disgruntled growl, she turned and hid in the cage underneath Mr. John and Miss Jill's bed. Oddly enough, Mama and Papa Bugg have stayed out of this argument. Rumor has it that Papa Bugg tagged along with Mr. John and Miss Jill to Santa Anita on Sunday afternoon. He likes the horse races almost as much as he likes smokes and whiskey. While Miss Jill did give him a sip of a Bloody Mary, he behaved quite well otherwise.

Meanwhile Ruby Jane, the niece of Cookie Anne, Flowers, and Cherry Bugg, remained quiet about the family conversation. All she wants is to have her toenails trimmed occasionally, have her own supply of carrots, and a sauna. Go figure.

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