Saturday, May 1, 2010

Someone Else Spotted with Mr. John's Lion Shirt

Last week in the Thrifty... er, SavOn... er, CVS, Mr. John saw someone else wearing his lion shirt as seen over there on the right. It's a special type of shirt -- Miss Jill explained it to him once when someone else inquired -- but he forgot to read that memo (he's not good at reading memos). So he thought like the highlander and knew that there could be only one (as you of course know, the Highlander is a documentary as said by Master Shake). Mister John has not summarily yakka'd this shirted impostor yet but he will. Oh, yes he will.

Meanwhile check out that Grand Canyon over there. Marvelous. Later in the day Saaby got stuck. Poor girl but she got better.

Anyway, back to your previously scheduled programming. Mister John and Miss Jill are dressing up tonight. And yes, they will feed the bunnies before they leave. If any blog post occurs during the evening, it is clearly a misguided fraud.

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