Monday, September 6, 2010

Ruby Jane Feeling Better, Grooms Her Sister

Ruby Jane, fresh off her bout with vertigo, seems to be doing much better right now. She has a bit more energy and even chased and bit her sister who she thought was getting in her way. She's regaining her spirit of independence... which is kinda sad as she allowed me to hold her for a very long time on Saturday night. Oh well, such it is with a bunny who thinks she's an angry teenager even though she's clearly more like a 30 year old in comparison now. I guess a cranky 30 year old who is not sure about their life plan or why they have to sit in a cage all of their life. I do feel bad for Ruby Jane and she spends lots of time just pondering her own futile existence. Ruby Jane seems to be the equivalent of Tyler Durden. Trying to find her adult way in life when she still pines to being a younger person with no responsibilities. As I type this, she's trying to chew on a light cord. Project Mayhem indeed.

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