Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rabbits Try and Dig Hole to Korea

The rabbits are still quite angry that so much attention has been given to Mary Jane and Betsy Jo (and not to them!) that they are undertaking a massive digging project.  According to an unnamed source, three rabbits are plotting to dig all the way to the other side of the world -- which they believe is Korea -- so they can sneak Mary Jane back there.  Alas, this is wrong on many counts.  North/South Korea is not on the opposite side of the world as Dewey Street.  Furthermore, Mary Jane was born in Victorville.  And honestly as her father, that kind of insults Mister John that the rabbits have such a lack of geographical knowledge and care for a little girl who some day will be in charge of feeding them.  One must respect those who will ultimately be in authority over you.

Mister John has already filled a brick into that whole which seemingly has perturbed at least one rabbit.  A particular brown furred rabbit sniffed at and hopped away from the brick with a great deal of disdain.  While no rabbit has claimed responsibility for this whole, Mister John checked Phillip and Root Beer Float -- who both have predominantly white fur -- and witnessed no dirt marks on either their fur or their claws.  Ruby Jane, the self-proclaimed "Brown Bear" denied any digging of the hole and did not want to be subjected to any sort of spot check.

Miss Jill has stayed away from all of this conflict by saying it's not within her purview to make a comment.

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