Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doe, a Deer? A Female Deer?

Mommy, Betsy, Mary Jane, and a Deer
What about us?
Miss Jill and Mister John took their two splendiferous girls on a summer trip to northern Arizona for a little over a week.  After a brief stop in Lake Havasu City, they continued upward (to an altitude above 7,000 feet) to the Flagstaff area.  But before reaching there, they went a deer petting farm just off the 40 (and Route 66 for that matter).  There the girls were surrounded by a menagerie of animals.  Mostly deer, but a few other animals were found as well like the llamas in the picture on the right.  Always watch out for the llamas on the bus as they spit, spit, spit.

Silly Goat
Boy girls were still a bit under the weather so they didn't completely appreciate the animals around them.  Next year upon the next visit, the girls will be overwhelmed (happily hopefully) by all the creatures.

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