Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cherry Bugg Teaches Betsy Jo about Being a Bugg

Cherry Bugg and Betsy Jo
Betsy Jo had her first detailed conversation with Cherry Bugg on August 6th.  While that might not seem significant to many, Cherry Bugg wants to make sure that Betsy Jo -- who will turn a year old in two weeks -- understands the roles in the household.  "Young children can be cute and sometimes quite tolerable," Chee explained to her.  "But ultimately the power in the household lies with the rabbits."  A brief pause as she riased her right ear slightly.  "And with Mister John since he feeds us."

Betsy Jo sat and listened and really didn't have much to say other than her occasional mono-syllabic squeak that she makes.  The Chee came away from the mini-conference with renewed confidence.  "She didn't try to pet me too hard," said the Chee, referencing another little girl in the household who has been notorious in petting too hard.

Betsy Jo agrees
When asked about this year's rabbit election, Cherry Bugg remained mum.  "I don't have much competition unless that lounge singer in the bedroom (Commute Bunny) runs."  I have a good shot at being the leader for the next four years here on Dewey.

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