Monday, May 13, 2013

Old Guard Not Happy about the Changes to the Backyard

A formal complaint was registered this weekend by both Phillip and Ruby Jane regarding the summer reconfiguration of the back yard.  The re-inclusion of the hammock and water table have confused matters for the elder gentry.  Suddenly when they hop across the back yard -- or more specifically to return to their cage ramp -- there's a large spot of water which literally dampens their hopping ability.

"This is intolerable," said Phillip this weekend.  "Someone needs to be fired for such a poor attempt at feng shui in this back yard."

Upon hearing Phillip's complaint, Mister John replied, "But I thought I was OK with that.  Didn't I win $300 in Vegas last month playing that?"  Oh, that Mister John.

Ruby Jane still has issues with placing the slide ride over a prime grazing area.  Although the hammock she says does provide shaded relief in the summertime.  "What we really need is morning relief from the sun?  Whatever happened to our covers to the cage?  THUMP."  Mister John feebly responded that the burlap sacks were torn apart by hungry squirrels.  No rabbit bought that excuse though.  They tend to buy very little that Mister John sells.

Oh, such is life in the Erb backyard.  Revolution is fomenting and Mary Jane and Betsy Jo have no idea it's coming.
Phillip Lurks in the Background Plotting Revolution While Betsy Jo Thinks Happy Thoughts

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