Friday, June 7, 2013

That New Generation

Speaking of "generations" (a not too loosely made allusion to The Who from the previous post), the new girls Cookie Sue and Heidi have expressed their disdain to the traditional rabbit hunger strike.  Cherry Bugg often created hunger strikes to show the humans how much suffering the bunnies were going through.  It's true that the hunger strikes did not work well with Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane as they would eat anything within sight.  Then again after their quick munching, they would proclaim that Mister John did not give them enough to eat.

Heidi does seem perplexed that there is a water dish named for Fred.  Ah, good ol' Fred.  He was Mister John's rabbit back when he first met Miss Jill so long ago.  Such a chill rabbit.  No hunger strikes out of him, that's for sure.

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