Monday, August 5, 2013

Betsy's True Love?

Tonight as I was rocking a twisty-turny Mary Jane in her bedroom one hour after her prospective bedtime, she decided to start singing imaginary songs.  I asked her to sing a "Crocodile Song."  Her response: "Crocodiles have big teeth.  Chomp.  Crocodiles have big teeth.  Chomp.  Chomp."  Impressive.

Then she reversed my typical night time role of asking her which animals make which sounds.  So she asked Daddy, "What lion say?"  GROWL!  After a few other animals, she asked, "What fan say?"  I looked up at the rotating fan and replied, "Vroom vroom vroom" or something sounding like a circling fan.  She laughed so I guess that did the trick.

Finally she asked me, "What does Betsy say?"  Wow, there's a loaded question!  How would I know?  I responded that I didn't know.  "What does she say?" I inquired.  She glibly replied, "I LIKE PIZZA!"

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