Thursday, March 6, 2008

All things GREEN

It's t-minus 10 days (is that how you say it?) to our Irish adventure.

I prefer saying Irish adventure to trip to Ireland. Sounds more romantic!

And while I have no plans on conceiving our first born in Ireland, I have pledged to a friend that we'd name "it" Clover if we did. I kid not.
John would hate the name Clover but I don't like to go back on promises!

Today, I managed to reserve the tiniest car in the world for our trip. Hey...the price at the pump is intimidating...we might as well reserve the tiny car, right? It's an automatic, thank God.
Well, at least that's what I ordered. John learned to drive an H-column stick shift in Arizona a few weeks ago. If he can master that, he should have no problem mastering a regular stick on the wrong side of the car using his left hand, right? I guess that should be correct. But anyway.

I am off to the homestead. Dinner tonight for John's Academic Decathlon team. We'll see if I can weasel out or not! --Jill

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