Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Pictures in Ireland... deal with it!

To throw out a few more pics for our starving audience (sorry that it's been over a month, we slack sometimes), here is a typical road sign to our left. Quite manic and do recall that the first place name is in Irish. On the right here are two lambs who resemble Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane. I wonder if their temperments are as similar too.

Over to your left (keep walking), you will see a street sign. We were searching for John Street as our B&B in Dingle was on it. We drove all around town trying to find our place which was just "outside of town." So technically, driving through town did not help; but it did help to get to the other side of the "outside of town." If you catch my drift... I guess not. Well, shut up and keep reading.

And, yes, to the left are two alpacas and myself. Nothing quite like going to Ireland to see the native alpaca. Sometime I'll go to Peru and look for the native leperchaun. Oh, do look at the ubiquitous UCLA hat. It was a constant theme throughout the trip. Maybe not the reprezentin' the hoops team as it was to stay warm and dry in the cool windy climes of Eire.

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