Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Escape Artist (and say no to zucchini)

The Brown Bear has managed to escape from her pen again. Brown Bear, aka Ruby Jane, somehow squeezed out of her fencing today. At least she didn't challenge the Happy Couple (Phillip and Jane) to any fights today.

As it is, Phillip and Jane were quite upset today. As you already know, they both come from royal lines of rabbits. They truly believe in the divine right of rabbits. Thus, that whole presidential primary season has completely confounded, bemused, and upset them. Princess Jane cannot understand why people would ever select on of their own common kindred to try and lead. I do remind Jane that if I don't give her any carrots then I am her true sovereign. Of that she is not amused.

Odd note: rabbits don't like zucchini. I never knew that. We grew some in the front yard and gave a piece to Root Beer Float. RBF is truly a garbage disposal; yet she wouldn't even touch it.

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