Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chip Falsely Accused of Den Mishap

According to Miss Jill, the computer went on the blink this afternoon and stopped working. She said that a particular cute bunny by the name of Chip was the culprit. Chip denied any malfeasance although he probably didn't use that particular word (he is a young bunny after all, his vocabulary hasn't expanded that far yet). About all he did say though was, "Get me out of this box!"

Mister John later fixed the rogue computer problem and all was well in Erbland. Well, I take that back. Cherry Bugg wanted inside for some apple slices. How could the owners refuse?

Princess Jane has been losing some weight again. No one is fond of her crash diets. We want her to eat a little more. It's the royal way to go.

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