Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oliver Visits the Back Yard

Mr. John was going out to get some food for Chip as the little boy was acting disconsolate over not having any food in his cage. On Mr. John's way out to the food bin, he opened it to hear such a clutter. Whoa! Inside was none other than Oliver who managed to get inside the food bin. How he got in the closed shed remains a mystery but it certainly startled Mr. John who nearly reached his hand in there until he heard the rattling of Oliver.

While Oliver looks like a mere babe in the back yard, Mr. John does recall having supervision duty over an angry possum in a Bombshelter trash can so long ago. "Hey you, get the broom and guard the possum!" Boy, what teeth on that thing. Oliver is still hiding in the bottom part of the shed but luckily the food bin was surreptitiously taken out so Chip could be fed. Root Beer Float and Ruby Jane were privy to the whole action and were not happy about it.

Last week Miss Jill's sister swore she spotted a rat in the backyard. I guess it was just Oliver. He means well but tomorrow he gets the hose if he hangs around any more.

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