Friday, March 11, 2011

Root Beer Float Makes a Break for It... Again!

The family Houdini, Root Beer Float, managed to escape out the side gate this afternoon after it didn't fully close a few hours earlier when the gardener left the back yard. Mister John, not going through the side gate, did not see the slight crack which the eagle-eyed (and round bellied!) RBF did see. RBF was later discovered in the front yard grazing on previously unseen and untasted grass. Unfortunately for the quasi-panda bear, this was the wrong yard for her and Miss Jill along with Mister John (who was wearing Mary Jane on a front pack) had to chase her back. Unlike the other rabbits she was not indignant about being caught. She just hopped back to the yard and scurried around till she found another delicious patch of grass.

Ruby Jane and Prince Phillip did not have any comment after the matter.

Root Beer Float has had many legendary escapes since she endeared herself to the Erb family back in 2006. At a very young age she already learned how to hop and climb vertically to escape almost any type of cage. Back in 2006 when she was a mere bunny and TOME (The Original Mr. Erb, Mister John's father) was staying with the family in the summer, his voice often cried, "Run, rabbit, run!" meaning she escaped yet again.

Later that year Mister John's friend Pete made the bad mistake of accidentally leaving the hutch gate open and it took hours for he and his wife Lillian to round up Root Beer Float and her rambunctious sister Ruby Jane.

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