Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday in the Park... I Think It Was Airport Park...

Mommy and Daddy took their precious Mary Jane over to the Airport Park this afternoon. MJ was quite complacent as she smiled, cooed, and slept for a quaint 90 minutes. The occasional airplanes took off nearby (as they still do) and the avid soccer players ran about on the synthetic turf next to us.

After a long wait, we got our chance at using the swing. Nothing quite throws a person back to their past more than a swing. Alas, Daddy's legs are too long for actual long-arc swinging but at least he looked comfortable enough for this picture here.

Unfortunately for Mary Jane, she was awakened around 2am when Chip and Cherry Bugg decided to fight under her crib. Mister John was quite unhappy at this zoning mis-regulation (no fighting in the nursery, everyone knows that) and Cherry Bugg was summarily put in her outdoor cage. Chip was locked up but the surprised MJ was inconsolable for another 45 minutes. Poor little girl.

She'll be smiling for the cameras tomorrow as well.

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