Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Nothing quite like tradition. A long time ago in the Erb family, a new tradition was created around Father's Day. Typically in most families the father sits around and gets generic gifts like a new tie or power tools. We don't follow that mold. Good thing because I don't wear ties to work and I really don't use power tools all that much (sans Bunny Cage Building Day). In our family, the father of the family makes waffles for the rest of us. Yes, making the dad work on his day. Then again my dad only cooked two meals: waffles and barbecued food. Hmm... sounds like me.

So this morning after Mass, I gathered with Miss Jill to figure out this whole waffle thing. Add some mix with some egg whites... throw in some oil and a bit of milk... voila! Waffle batter. Now time to make sure that waffle iron works. I poured in the waffle batter in and when the time was up, there was a bona fide waffle in there. And Miss Jill tasted the first product and it was good. Well, "very good" according to her. Then I created two more batches and you can see the ultimate result in the upper left hand picture. Waffles, syrup... perfection. And no bunnies to try and them all (they were still in their cages).

As you can see on the lower right hand picture, the finished product was quite supreme. Throw in some bacon and milk and it was the best Father's Day batch of waffles I had ever made. Of course that sets the bar high for future Father's Day breakfasts but that's quite alright. I can live with the anticipation.

Of course next year's Father's Day might have a hungry little Mary Jane expecting lots of waffles. Hmm... wondering if she'll know the word by then. I bet she will.

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